spring: Unexpected leaks... - 03/11/13 09:27 AM
After almost sixty years between us, we are always surprised when challenges we have not had before come up.
Recent inspections on a sale showed a leak under the dishwasher.  The water was running out of the brick outside the house.  The inspector did not move the dishwasher to look underneath . Instead he suggested that the prospective buyers have the area under the dishwasher inspected, looking specifically for wood rot.
Ominous thoughts went through everyone's heads.  The question also arose about why the renters who were there did not report a water problem.
The idea that the dishwasher could have been running water … (1 comments)

spring: Designated?? - 12/09/12 12:33 PM
The Cypress part of our market area has many fun discoveries .  It seems that we make new discoveries daily.This finding involves a truism we had suspected but never really had proof of.  
The sign, which is located on Cypresswood Dr. says "designated Bird Sanctuary."  Really?Although we live in the general area and have known for some time that our yard was in a migratory path, we did not know about this sanctuary .  What makes it a sanctuary?  Who makes the designation?  Can the designation be earned, or is available only to select feathered friends.What I am most … (0 comments)

spring: When is it time to reject? - 11/19/12 11:25 AM
Last week about this time we negotiated an offer on one of our listings.We delivered it back to the agent and were told that she was in a seminar and would get the earnest money and option check to us as soon as she could.  On Thursday we dropped by her office to see if we could pick up the checks.  She met us in the lobby and said that she did not have them because the buyer had not delivered them yet and she would let them know again that they needed to get them to her.  She also said … (5 comments)

spring: Surprise in the Flowers - 10/20/12 11:15 AM

These flowers were a gift from ladies at our church for our participation in catering a church event last Sunday.It was an unexpected pleasure!  If you look closely at the top flowers you will see a baby lizard.  He apparently sat in the flower arrangement from the florist shop and throughout the dinner.The visual of what might have happened had he made his presence known at any point during the dinner is amusing!On the other hand he might have just chosen to jump into the dish of guacamole that was close by.We did attempt to relocate him to … (5 comments)

spring: Mini stuffed Bell Peppers - 10/20/12 11:09 AM

The photo is of mini bell peppers which come about 30 per bag at Cosco.  The recipe was originally for the stuffing of three plain big bell peppers and this is designed to stuff either.Assemble:1 diced onion3 pieces of celery chopped1 diced bell 2 cloves of garlic1 teaspoon of butter1 pound of ground beef or ground turkey.1 teaspoon of Louisiana "lightning Strike". Or Tabasco 1 cup of cooked rice or quinoa 1 small can tomato paste1/2 cup Parmesan cheese3/4 cup bread or Panko crumbs.Preheat oven to 350 degreesCut each of the peppers lengthwise into two halfs.Boil in salted water for fifteen minutes. … (3 comments)

spring: Something Different.... - 10/14/12 12:57 PM
This weekend we took a break from our normal duties.
Instead of showing and marketing property, we accepted an invitation to help cater an event at church.
We participated in this last year and served a variety of our favorite fares!
Growing up in the restaurant business taught me many things including the fact that the rigors of the job can ruin your health!
So can Real Estate!  It is not the profession.  It is the approach one takes and the numberof hours.  Working smart can be applied to any job.  
Ralph is an outstanding … (0 comments)

spring: Enthusiasm - 10/09/12 11:33 AM

While we were out doing errands last night we came across a house in our farm area with an unusual display of sports enthusiasm.Not only did this logo for the "Texans " football team cost an incredible amount of time and money, but it truly captures attention of those driving down the street.The marketing possibilities are mind boggling!  Just imagine the artists it could employ if each of us would do something similar with our company logos on the homes we have listed!Surely we are as enthusiastic about our sales teams and companies as this guy is about his … (5 comments)

spring: Free Flight - 10/01/12 08:12 AM
Last week we had a stove stolen out of one of our listings.The house is new on the market and is vacant.One agent had showed the house complete with appointment.Feedback was that the people did not like the floor plan. That is why they make black shoes and brown shoes.  No problem!The problem is that when we read the lock box after the theft was discovered, there was no entry for that agent....  So how did he get in to show?  Don't you just love puzzles?!We decided that since there was no forced entry, someone left either a window or door … (2 comments)

spring: Free Belly Rubs - 09/30/12 11:27 AM
If you are traveling along Louetta in Northwest Houston,  there is a belly rub opportunity available.Not something we see every day but the idea is certainly appealing.  It may also prove to be clever marketing. The sign is outside a fancy Veterinary Clinic.What more friendly method to welcome visitors!  It is fairly certain that all the canine visitors will approve.  It might be a bit dicey to welcome cats with a belly rub.  And Ralph was kind of interested to check and see he could get a rub!!  LOL... Down boy!It has been our experience that cats are inclined to greet … (2 comments)

spring: Highest and Best - 09/28/12 08:47 AM
Getting offers is always a good thing!We got one yesterday  on a two week old listing .The owners had bought  the house as an investment about ten years ago.  It has leased well but they are trying to cash in some of their portfolio to retire.In preparing the house for sale they have invested an additional $7,000. The price was established by serious market study and a tangible BPO.  Due to the soft market, we did not factor in the latest repairs or enhancements.The offer was for cash and was to close in a short time right after the buyers inspections … (5 comments)

spring: Mobile Homes AND Mansions! - 08/21/12 07:04 AM
What do those have in common?  More than you might think!
Both of them have current owners and potential buyers.  Both of them are loved by someone, and both function as a roof over someone's head.
They represent a substantial investment to their owners respectively and both provide a prude of ownership.
One brings significantly more in price than the other, but in reality is not more important.
When I started in Real Estate I had a serious snob problem.  I was showing listing and selling in the most upscale markets in the city of Houston.  I … (2 comments)

spring: Producing good produce! - 08/05/12 08:51 AM

After serious health challenges a few years ago we intensively modified our diet.
Fresh produce has become a favorite part of our daily fare.
Finding fresh locally grown tomatoes, okra, onions, squash and an array of other yummies is a treat.
One of our favorite places (Mittelsteadts) is owned and operated by the family of one of Ralph's classmates.
The produce here is top notch.  Imagine tomatoes that taste like tomatoes!  These large flavorful offerings are one of the reasons we like to stop here for our produce needs.
It also feels good to … (7 comments)

spring: Spring sightings - 07/29/12 10:49 AM

Whether you are looking for delightful stimulation for your senses or totally unique boutiques ,  Spring Texas is a great destination.
There are eclectic eateries with a selection of succulent sweets and savory sensations to please any pallet.
Shops incorporate charming old architecture with out of the ordinary selections of home or yard decorations and exciting clothing offerings.
The narrow streets lined with an iemt trees invite you to park your car and get out and walk.
Before malls, this was the norm in sensational shopping opportunities.
Now it is simply an entertaining way to spend … (1 comments)

spring: A Vision for Success.... - 07/27/12 05:10 AM
When the developer of "The Woodlands" conceived the unique Master planned community in the early 1970s,  his vision was one of great success.
These days as we drive through the sprawling and constantly growing and evolving area now widely and well known, we are continually amazed at the evolution.
Who would have thunk?  The concept of mixing neighborhoods of modest homes and opulent mansions was way outside the ordinary for its time.
Later on things like patio homes and apartments were added to all the areas.
When shopping centers and eateries began to emerge behind the screens … (7 comments)

spring: Misplaced art..... I guess it depends on perspective! Graffiti.... - 07/22/12 09:31 AM

Everywhere we go we see the misplaced artwork of unsupervised youth.
There are a lot of budding artists all over.  There should be a way to channel all that creativity!  
Just think how lovely it would be if that which is intended to ruin peoples stuff could be used to create murals in ugly spaces.
The spray paint used on this train is not cheap.  The access to the "canvass" is usually in unsavory areas.  The reason to do the drawing is not a right one.
How we use the talents and abilities we … (2 comments)

spring: Spring Stuebner - 07/08/12 01:49 PM
We just became aware of a very unique listing in the Northwest Houston area, which is primarily a commerical listing with one of our sons.  So in the spirit of sharing, here is some basic information.
It is a 5300 plus or minus sq ft hpuse.  It sits  back from the street under ancient oaks.   The acreage is over two but feels even larger because of its configuration.
It has up to eight bedrooms and was originally a convelesent or rehab home.  It would make a wonderful bed and breakfast facility or a group home.  Anything that requires even … (5 comments)

spring: The Woodland Texas is Nirvana north of Houston - 07/01/12 12:17 PM
In the early 1970s a developer had a vision.  He thought up a concept which revolutionized neighborhoods in the greater Houston area.  
The original residents were the Texas wildlife.  The forested area provided lots of trees to clean up the air and provide a safe haven for deer and armadillos.
The man was George Mitchell.  The development was what is now commonly referred to as a" master planned community  ". Many have attempted to duplicate the concept but the Woodlands remains the nicest we have seen.
Expensive mansions are tucked down forested culdesacs across from assorted shopping … (3 comments)

spring: Skeletal reminders.... - 06/17/12 12:44 AM

This large and lovely tract of land in Northwest Houston offers sad reminders of the drought of last summer.
Trees are a large part of the appeal for the area.  They offer feelings of serenity and often provide enough shade to make temperatures more temperate.
The dead tree fringe is beautiful in its own way.
Since they do not threaten to fall on any structures or roadways,  they may be allowed to stay right where they are.
They do not offer shade or the ability to clean up the air as to the live trees. … (13 comments)

spring: Something from nothing... - 06/07/12 08:44 AM

Tis the season to enjoy the smells of freshly mowed hay.
One of the genuine joys of working in the country is enjoying the genuine sights and smells of simple pleasures.
Fields where hay is still being grown are becoming more and more rare on our daily drives.
This year there was adequate rainfall to allow for a couple of cuttings.
With the intense heat we have been enduring since March, it was still a surprise to see how quickly this field went from hay on the ground to massive bales.
This is a … (2 comments)

spring: Grooming the plate!! - 05/06/12 12:25 PM
As we continue to absorb the secrets of life found on a baseball field, we learn housekeeping secrets previously un-noted.
One of the older umpires has a noticeable limp when he walks.
Due to that it is impractical for him to clean the home plate in the conventional manner.
No one needs a undefined home base.  This umpire has a unique cleaning technique.
As you can see by the photo,  the effort was successful.
Due to the frequency of the need to clean up the plate we observed the cleaning with more interest than usual.

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