ralph roberts: Top Five Dos and Don'ts of Loan Modification - 01/26/10 12:10 AM
I posted this article last year in January 2009. Since I receive a ton of mail with the basic question, "How can I get a loan modification?"  I felt compelled to re-post it again at the beginning of 2010.
Consumer Advocate Ralph R. Roberts Reveals the Top Five Dos and Don'ts of Loan Modification
DETROIT--(activerain)2009--Ralph R. Roberts, consumer advocate and spokesperson for Federal Loan Modification Law Center, LLP, today revealed the top five do's and don'ts of loan modification. Since losing one of his own homes to foreclosure in the late 1970s, Roberts has made it his life's mission … (3 comments)

ralph roberts: Ralph Roberts is the Foreclosure Expert for Oakland County - 01/15/10 06:18 AM
Sterling Hgts., MI - Time magazine’s “best-selling realtor in America,” is also today’s expert in preventing foreclosure.  Roberts is building a real estate agent force in every county, coast to coast saving the American dream of owning a home from foreclosure.
At a Sterling Hgts. meeting last week of his advisors and real estate associates, Ralph Roberts took the first steps towards his vision on foreclosure prevention in North America. Ralph announced that he would hire and appoint his first agents to represent the Michigan counties of Oakland, Macomb, Wayne, Washtenaw, Livingston and St. Clair.
Roberts went on … (0 comments)

ralph roberts: Internet Marketing and Real Estate is a Marriage Made in Heaven - 01/02/10 02:39 AM
Real estate investment property has always been coveted by the rich and the famous. If you have a real estate business, you are well aware of the importance of marketing. Internet marketing is an excellent solution for real estate. By using the internet to market your real estate business, you can reach people who would not be reachable otherwise.
A colleague of mine, Robert Bradd, who specializes in homes in and around the Grosse Pointes was taking a college course in Internet Marketing earlier this year.  Evidently, he had been taking good notes, because during a class break, Bob received an … (3 comments)

ralph roberts: Low Risk - High Reward Factor Draws People into Mortgage Fraud - 12/29/09 05:03 AM
It’s hard to believe that a central collection bureau does not exist for the purpose of tracking all mortgage fraud complaints.  Yet, there are multiple sources that claim to have data indicating that mortgage fraud is on the rise.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation is proactively working with the mortgage industry in an effort to curb mortgage fraud crimes. On March 8, 2007, the FBI signed a memorandum of agreement with the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) to promote the FBI’s Mortgage Fraud Warning Notice. The Notice states that it is illegal to make any false statement regarding income, assets, debt … (2 comments)

ralph roberts: Let’s Take a Swing at Your Credit Score - 12/28/09 09:37 AM
From Baseball to the newest American pastime: Raising your Credit Score 50 Points in 30 days or less. The most common question that I have been asked in the past three years since the collapse of the financial lending industry is, “How can I get my Credit Score out of the toilet?”When I get asked this question (and it gets asked hundreds of times) I feel what it’s like to be at bat in the major leagues with a “3 and 0 Count.”  Here comes the pitch, right there in my “wheelhouse.” In the middle of the plate.Traveling at a speed … (2 comments)

ralph roberts: Ralph R. Roberts Provides Ten Steps to Negotiating an Affordable Loan Modification - 02/11/09 10:37 PM
 Ten Steps to Negotiating an Affordable Loan Modification
Detroit, MI - February 12, 2009-
Ralph R. Roberts, consumer advocate and spokesperson for Federal Loan Modification Law Center, LLP, today released his list of the top ten steps homeowners can take in order to negotiate an affordable loan modification. The following steps apply to homeowners working directly with a lender as well as to those teaming up with an attorney or alternative third-party representative.

Come clean -
Understand your lender's point of view -
Keep a cool head -
Give them what they need -
Ask for what you want -

ralph roberts: activerain Member Interviewed about Flipping Houses by Crain’s Detroit Business - 07/08/08 02:17 PM
Interviewed about Flipping Houses by Crain's Detroit Business
Southeast Michigan's most popular and respected business newspaper and website recently took the time to interview me about the state of the house flipping market here in Michigan. The interview/story made it to the front page of the current edition of Crain's Detroit Business.
Here's a shot of the front page:

For more, read "Some area house flippers find upside to housing downturn" by Tom Andrew of Crain's Detroit Business. 
Ralph R. Roberts, CRS, GRI67775 Van DykeWashington Township, MI 48095Office:   (586) 751-0000  Fax: (586) 752-8959Email: RalphRoberts@RalphRoberts.comPersonal Assistant: Lois Maljak (LoisMaljak@RalphRoberts.com)Ralph Roberts is the author of … (3 comments)

ralph roberts: The New York Times and My Book on Foreclosure Self-Defense - 06/15/08 02:54 PM
Monday's edition of The New York Times includes a story by Joanne Kaufman entitled, "A Shift in Real Estate Books." The piece is about how publishers-including some of the ones that publish my titles-are hard at work publishing books that help homeowners and others with the downturn in the housing market and increasing foreclosures.
The article begins by focusing on the fact that even high profile celebrities are experiencing housing-related trouble (a topic I wrote about just last week). As most people already know, recently, Ed McMahon-famous for sitting next to Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show set and for making a … (1 comments)

ralph roberts: Declaring the Foreclosure Epidemic a National Disaster - 11/03/07 12:11 PM
Declaring the Foreclosure Epidemic a National Disaster by Ralph R. Roberts  
The American Red Cross estimates that more than 350,000 homes were destroyed by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, while an additional 146,000 had major damage. Wildfires in  Southern California consumed over 1,600 homes and other structures, were threatening 68,500 more, and had displaced over 500,000 people.  
These are truly natural and national disasters, but in some ways they are dwarfed by the man-made disaster that is currently afflicting the housing industry all across the nation. For the third-quarter of 2007, Realty Trac reported more than 446,000 foreclosure filings, including default notices, auction … (15 comments)

ralph roberts: activerain What Do Mortgages Have To Do with Death? - 09/03/07 01:18 PM
What Do Mortgages Have To Do with Death?  By Ralph R. RobertsThe origin of the word "mortgage" is intriguing. It is a French word generally believed to be derived from two Latin words-"mort" (meaning death) and "gage" (meaning pledge or something of value that's forfeited if the debt is not repaid). In other words, we may be able to blame the current mortgage meltdown on the French!Although you might feel as though you are signing your life away when you take out a mortgage, that's not really what the word means. The part of the word dealing with death applies to … (2 comments)

ralph roberts: activerain REAL ESTATE EXPERT; Geting in the NEWS - 09/03/07 01:08 PM
activerain Real Estate Expert: Getting in the News
by Ralph Rowland RobertsYou are in front of the TV, watching the six o'clock news, and up pops a story about the real estate industry. Maybe it is about real estate or mortgage fraud. Maybe the market has bottomed out and people are having trouble selling their homes. Perhaps your area has been hit hard by layoffs and the foreclosure rate has spiked.
Whatever the case, the reporter is interviewing an expert in the area, and that expert isn't you. Even worse, the expert really doesn't know what he is talking about. You could … (4 comments)

ralph roberts: Blogging Systems Group and Ralph R. Roberts "activerain member" - 09/01/07 01:01 PM
Blogging Systems Group and Ralph R. Roberts Collaborate to Develop International Speakers Blog - Providing Sought-After Content from Industry Leaders to the Masses
The International Speakers Blog will serve as one-stop destination to glean insights, content and advice from some of today's foremost public speakers
Detroit, Michigan,  2007 --(PR.com)-- http://www.bloggingsystems.com/ - Blogging Systems Group, leading provider of blog technology and Ralph R. Roberts, named Time Magazine's Realtor of the Year, have joined forces to develop the International Speakers Blog.
"Ralph R. Roberts acting on his idea and starting a virtual community for international speakers is absolutely brilliant, I can't believe someone else hadn't already … (3 comments)

ralph roberts: activerain Writing about Con Artists: The Double-Edged Sword - 07/28/07 11:35 AM
Writing about Con Artists: The Double-Edged Sword  
I recently co-authored a book about real estate and mortgage fraud called Protect Yourself from Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud: Preserving the American Dream of Homeownership with attorney Rachel Dollar. In the book, we offer detailed descriptions of how various scams are pulled off. The intent was not to provide a how-to manual for con artists but to educate real estate professionals and consumers, so they are better equipped to defend themselves against these crooks.
As soon as the book hit the market, several people posted messages on my blog FlippingFrenzy.com claiming that our … (6 comments)

ralph roberts: activerain "Agent Team" Building Spotlighted at RISMedia’s 2nd Annual CEO Exchange - 07/21/07 02:46 PM
Agent Team Building Spotlighted at RISMedia's 2nd Annual CEO Exchange  
By Ralph R. Roberts
July 21, 2007- activerain, "the network for real estate's top-producing agent teams" kicks off its 2nd Annual CEO Exchange today at Sanctuary Golf Course and Clubhouse in Sedalia, Colorado (owned by RE/MAX Founder Dave Liniger), where much of the discussion, both on and off the golf course, will likely center around the changing face of the real estate industry.
With new online lead generation services popping on the virtual landscape and non-traditional agents offering cutthroat rates, the real estate industry and the people affected by it most-real estate … (5 comments)

ralph roberts: activerain This is my "Flip This House Casting Call" - 07/21/07 02:11 PM
Flip This House Casting Call
Team Ralph
 Macomb County, Michigan
Ralph R. RobertsAuthor of Flipping Houses For Dummies
When I heard that Flip This House was having a casting call, I practically flipped right off the Pilates ball I sit on when I'm working out of my office! As a sales coach, consultant, real estate investor, and regular guy, I constantly advise students of real estate to look for win-win opportunities, and I see this is the mother load of win-win opportunities.
I am the author of Flipping Houses For Dummies and Foreclosure Investing For Dummies. I wanted to call the second … (8 comments)

ralph roberts: Michael Maher helps consumers learn about “Foreclosure Investing for Dummies” - 07/18/07 03:56 PM
July 19, 2007 (913) 599-5539
Michael Maher helps consumers learn the ropes in new book "Foreclosure Investing for Dummies" 
LEAWOOD, Kan. - Successful local real estate professional, Michael Maher, has recently been published as part of the newest member of the popular book series "For Dummies." Maher, leader of The Maher Team at the Realty Executives office in Leawood, Kan., was a major contributor to Foreclosure Investing for Dummies, written by Ralph R. Roberts and Joe Kraynak. The book covers foreclosure rules and regulations for all 50 states. 
This hands-on guide covers all … (5 comments)

ralph roberts: activerain Fueling Exponential Growth with the 10/10/20 Technique - 07/10/07 12:44 AM
Fueling Exponential Growth with the 10/10/20 Technique
By Ralph R. Roberts
activerain, July 10, 2007-One of the not-so-secret secrets to sales success is to build on past success. That is what the 10/10/20 technique is all about, and here is how it works:When you list or sell a house, knock on the 10 doors to the left and right of the house you just sold and the 20 doors across the street and distribute your postcard with a handwritten note letting the neighbors know that you have listed or sold their neighbor's home.
That is it. That is all it takes to start generating new clients. … (8 comments)

ralph roberts: activerain members BLOCK YOUR DRIVER LICENSE - 07/05/07 02:05 PM
Subject:ACTIVE RAIN "Block Your Drivers License"
Thought I should pass it along.  Check your drivers license...Now youcan see anyone's Drivers License on the Internet, including your own!  Ijust searched for mine and there it was...Picture and all!  Thanks HomelandSecurity Privacy; where is our right to it?  I definitely removed mine,I suggest you all do the same... Go to the website and check it out.  Justenter your name, City and State to see if yours is on file.  After yourlicense comes on the screen, click the box marked "Please Remove."  Thiswill remove it from public viewing, but not from law enforcement.
Click here: Drivers License … (19 comments)

ralph roberts: activerain How to Generate Positive PR This Fourth of July ??? - 07/01/07 02:39 PM
activerain How to Generate Positive PR This Fourth of July
by. Ralph R. Roberts
activerain, JULY, 2007-If you are like most Realtors, you plan on taking a little break this Fourth of July to celebrate with family and perhaps even mingle with fellow residents of your community. However, you could be missing out on a tremendous marketing opportunity.
While local stores are stocking up on flags, ribbons, and fireworks, you may want to think about purchasing a couple cases of flags yourself and distributing them in your area. My brother David has made a tradition out of it in his market the Royal Palm Yacht … (7 comments)

ralph roberts: activerain "Family" A Simple Thank You Goes a Long Way - 07/01/07 01:25 PM
A Simple Thank You Goes a Long Wayby Ralph R RobertsOver the years I have used thank-you's to cultivate more futile ground for business. Although not everyone mines for gold this way, there are many who understand the value of being pleasant and letting everyone know who you are and what you do.
When you leave a tip after a good dinner you are thanking them for good service. When you leave your tip and your business card you are thanking them and offering the same good service in return.
This technique has proven to serve me well. I sell real estate … (9 comments)



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