art blanchet: Who Loves Ya Baby? - Rock on! - 12/21/08 09:55 AM
SeeqPod - Playable Search … (7 comments)

art blanchet: Talk Like A Pirate Day - But Which Pirate? - 09/19/08 09:34 AM
Unlike many of ye scoundrels. me and the lads have been a'celebrating "Talk Like A Pirate Day" for three years now.  But what do I gain from it?
Hard to tell.  But this day celebrates one of my favorite characters and seems intent on teaching the language of the "traditional" pirate, not the more celebrated pirates with British accents and gentlemanly ways.
Worst pirate accents?  A list will follow, but my heart belongs to the one and only "real" pirate from Disney's Treasure Island - none other than Long John Silver,  He could drop his H's (remember Jim "Awkins?) like … (6 comments)

art blanchet: Who is FREDDIE MAE and What Have They Done With FANNIE?!? - Yahoo BooBoo-Part 2 - 09/05/08 03:43 PM
From Ike-Watch Central
Sebastian, Florida
YAHOO was SO excited about the scoop!  They called their friends from all over, including the Freddie family, both Freddie Mac AND Freddie Mae. 
Yup, good ole FREDDIE MAE.  But what has happened to Fannie?  Could it be both Fannie and Freddie have been the same person all along?!?  Well, since the US Govt will be taking over the operations of these flailing mortgage giants, might as well be.  It won't be long until they are one and the same, probably with a name like Uncle Sammie Mae or Bushie Mae  or even DIS-MAE.
Oddly enough, my wife - … (5 comments)

art blanchet: Yahoo BooBoo - 01/22/08 01:28 PM
We all make mistakes, but Yahoo?!?:
Ancient Maya scarified boys not virgin girls: study
But nobody caught "scarified" when they meant "sacrificed?!"  I had to search an online dictionary just to be certain.  You can be scarified, but I don't think that's what those ancient Mayas were doing.  And if they were being scarified, it was apparently for a very short duration.  Gruesome article.
My mind is now sacred for life - I mean - "scarred"  for life.  (Maybe it is "sacred" and scarred - at least my knees are scarred.  Whatever...)

art blanchet: Theresa Gail Lussier - Birthday Girl (1/14/2008) - 01/13/08 03:05 PM
Theresa Gail Lussier of TBR and BHB and AR fame has a birthday today!  Wish her well.
OK Guys, Let's light the rest of Teri's candles now...

art blanchet: This Is The Year... - 12/31/07 11:29 PM
This is the year you've been waiting for - make it happen. 
Happy 2008!

art blanchet: Discovering My Florida #2 - Boas Along the Highway - 12/13/07 10:44 AM
Sebastian, Florida
Ahhh, the fauna of Florida...
The headline read:
16-foot python bushwhacked by roadside mower in Vero Beach
The above article appeared on the website TCPalm on December 11th.  The incident occurred on a road I drive almost daily - along a two-lane highly traveled north-south route between Sebastian and Vero Beach, Florida.  Seems they ran over yet another large boa as they were maintaining the grass between the canal and highway.
As mentioned above - this was the second 16-footer found along this road in two years.  Between that and the wild boars I think indoor pets are a good idea.
I just can't imagine walking along … (7 comments)

art blanchet: Public Relations Nightmare or Opportunity - How Would YOU Respond? - 12/11/07 01:51 PM
Sebastian, Florida and Madison, Wisconsin
It's been said there's no such thing a bad publicity.  I don't know, but I found a scenario from Publicity Hound founder and author Joan Stewart that certainly gives every one of us the opportunity to test that postulation ourselves.
Joan sends me an emailed tip sheet and maintains an informative blog.  In both this week she included a link to an Investigating Reporter's report of nasty housekeeping practices in several major hotels that needed to be addressed.  Even when shoved in their faces, it was mostly ignored by the guilty parties and left out there dangling in … (2 comments)

art blanchet: Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year - Number Four - 12/04/07 12:20 PM
Green Bay, Wisconsin and points south
Only four quarterbacks in 54 years have been named Sports Illustrated "Sportsman of the Year" - this year it's Brett Favre of the Green Bay Packers.  Catch the story at SI here.
The story is not all about Brett Favre winning football games, it's about his leadership and teamwork.  It's about making those around you better through example.  Through study.  Through hard work. Through praising everyone when things go well - and blaming no one when they don't. 
And other things...Here's a quote from the article, so articulately composed by Alan Shipnuck:
"It is for his perseverance and … (7 comments)

art blanchet: Stained Glass Windows in Wisconsin Churches - 11/29/07 11:07 AM
Green Bay Wisconsin
Most popular stained glass window ever seen in Wisconsin:
Big game tonight which 70 million homes won't be able to see.  Packers vs Cowboys.  Brett Favre - Quarterback of the Green Bay Packers for you hermits and monks - has revitalized his career and team to the point of religious zeal (hence the window) and frenzy.
Perhaps tomorrow the glass will be slightly cracked - or maybe brighter than ever.  But to the Packer Faithful - forever loyal in pro football's smallest market - it's all true.
Go Pack!
Bill Quigley
Art Blanchet
Your Home-Your Money

art blanchet: With a Capital C. - 11/29/07 10:55 AM
Sebastian, Florida to Madison, Wisconsin
Is this offensive? 
GO FISH is the group and they have an opinion to express.
It IS a good question.  We don't say "Happy Holidays" in any other month (as pointed out in the song). 
Now I realize Christmas is specifically Christian, but the holiday is as much a part of of of our American culture as Independence Day (also known as the 4th of July, at least at the time of this bloggette).  Much of the western hemisphere celebrates Christmas - are we Americans the only ones weaseling out of celebrating an event full of religious significance … (6 comments)

art blanchet: Mortgage Meltdown? Vamos A La Playa! - 11/27/07 11:34 AM
Loudonville, New York
My much younger and hipper brother (I'm not much of a challenge there in the hipness department) turned me on to this YouTube phenom.  According to my nephew in Westchester County, NY, the group is Italian, sang this in Spanish and ?? (translator wanted!), recorded it in Germany. and the subtitles are German.
I searched the phrase Vamos A La Playa (Let's Go to the Beach) in Urban Dictionary and it's a slangy nothing response.  Irrelevant and irreverent, it expresses a complete lack of concern over anything of substance.  So in the popular video - at least it was in … (6 comments)

art blanchet: Flying North For Thanksgiving - 11/20/07 01:10 AM
Sebastian, Florida
Some of my blogs lately have been leaning toward the irreverent, so I thought I'd share a simple thought or two.  In a few hours I'll be flying to upstate New York to visit my family.  Whenever I reference "my family" it seems I need to clarify just who I'm talking about, at least to me. 
Is it MY family, the one I created when I married and sired children and worked to guide, protect and love?  Or is it my FAMILY - the group I was born into, the siblings and parents I grew up with - the ones you don't choose, … (5 comments)

art blanchet: Ill-Fated Turkey Promo - Don't Try This At Home - 11/19/07 11:42 PM
Sebastian, Florida to Madison, Wisconsin
Nearly everyone over the ripe old age of 40 remembers the hit TV show, WKRP in Cincinnati,  The beloved sitcom was about a group of misfit characters working at a Cincinnati radio station and ranged from neurotic newsman (Les Nessman), clueless salesperson (Herb Tarlek), quirky DJs (Venus Flytrap and Dr. Johnny Fever), producers and station managers (Andy Travis) to and absent-minded, incompetent owner (played by MayTag Repairman Gordon Jump) and a dumb-as-a-fox trophy personal assistant Jennifer Marlowe. Talented writers could move the mood from wacky to poignant in a heartbeat. WKRP had it all.
One memorable Thanksgiving episode centered around a … (5 comments)

art blanchet: Cy Young, Tom Seaver, Real Estate, and You - 11/15/07 12:58 PM
Real estate is like baseball. Now, I didn't think this until an hour ago, but sometimes these epiphanies come at the strangest times - and they all begin with a story...
I had just been reading in Yahoo Sports about the baseball's National League Cy Young award winner, Jake Peavy of the San Diego Padres. Peavy was the unanimous winner this year, and posted some great numbers. There was one notation in the article that caught my eye: Peavy didn't pitch a complete game (CG) the entire 2007 season! In fact, only he and Roger Clemens are Cy Young winners with that … (10 comments)

art blanchet: The Dancing Avatars - 11/15/07 01:48 AM
Sebastian, Florida
Well, I think I might have a tad too much Christmas spirit- and it's here early.  Maybe I'm excited about going north to see my parents and siblings in Upstate New York for Thanksgiving, or maybe I'm just such a giver.
So, what I've done is prepare - with the help of OfficeMax - a little Christmas video as sung my my social media and blogging avatars.  At the end of the presentation, you'll find how you can present it to your friends as well.
Without further ado, I present in all their fabulousness: 
(For additional engagements, contact their agent, Art Blanchet, … (5 comments)

art blanchet: SANTA UNDER ATTACK DOWN UNDER - 11/15/07 01:03 AM
Sydney, Australia
Santa in trouble.  Christmas in jeopardy.
As reported by, Santas in Australia are being told to change the HO-HO-HO to something else, like HA-HA-HA. The reason: HO-HO-HO is said to be derogatory to women because of the American slang. (At least were exporting something these days...)
(THANKS, Don Imus - First the NCAA Women's Tourny - Now you've ruined Christmas, too!)
                                                                                                                                                            The report also stated HO-HO-HO frightens little children.
 Hmmmm. Maybe, just maybe - it's the 280 pound whiskey-breathed Santas wearing the unlaundered 35-year old RED costumes and those grotesquely fake beards that's scaring the kiddies - they terrify me!
Well, that's … (11 comments)

art blanchet: Foreclosure Sheriff's Auction Flushes Out Bitter ButtHead (Humor) - 11/13/07 01:12 AM
Sebastian Florida
One Saturday morning Bill Quigley and I were talking about Home Inspections on our weekly radio show - this time in conjunction with foreclosures and sheriff's auctions.  We were interviewing our guest and exchanging stories on air about the importance of home inspections prior to sale, when Bill relates the unusual story of a client of his having bought a home at an auction.
Apparently the buyer didn't have the time to pre-inspect the property and apparent was hoping for the best.  He won the bid, but when the lender sent the appraiser to the home, he found a toilet sitting in … (9 comments)

art blanchet: In Flanders Fields - 11/11/07 06:29 AM
Sebastian, Florida
One of the world's most popular poems - due to its personal origins, its visual power, and its sentiments about war and death, is "In Flanders Fields."
According to sources, the author was an officer in the Canadian military and wrote the poem the day after witnessing the death of his friend.  Canadian physician and Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae wrote "In Flanders Fields"  on May 3rd, 1915 while still in the trenches, using the back of a fellow soldier as a desk as he memorialized his feelings upon a scrap of paper.  Th poem was published later that year.
Here is the original text (and … (6 comments)

art blanchet: Discovering My Florida - I Have Kumquats in My BackYard! - 11/08/07 09:26 AM
Sebastian, Florida
I'm new to Florida, at least down here on the Treasure Coast.  I spent 25 years in NY state, 11 years in Utah, four years in CA, and four in Virginia.  I know that doesn't add up to my age and I'm not sure where those other years went, but I'll start keeping track now, I promise.
For about nine weeks now I have been mowing my yard in complete awe - isn't this the grass we used to try to erradicate "up nort?"  Now I invite it?  Anyway, as a part of my routine I've been mowing around this little plant- … (4 comments)


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