topsail island: Southeastern North Carolina and Fall along the coast! - 09/13/09 07:55 AM
Each Fall, I am always amazed by the changes that take place on Topsail Island and, I would expect, in communities and neighborhoods up and down the coast. School reopens, vacationers head home and Harvest Festivals, county fairs and the North Carolina State Fair become the topics of conversation. It is a great time of year!
Real estate in coastal North Carolina began its recovery starting in November of 2008. Jacksonville and Wilmington have led the return to more normal market levels. Homes priced $300,000. and under move from listed to sold quickly. We continue to work our way through short … (4 comments)

topsail island: Along the Southeast Coast of Carolina! - 09/13/09 07:29 AM
Each Fall, I am always amazed by the changes that take place on Topsail Island and, I would expect, in communities and neighborhoods up and down the coast. School reopens, vacationers head home and Harvest Festivals, county fairs and the North Carolina State Fair become the topics of conversation. It is a great time of year!
Real estate in coastal North Carolina began its recovery starting in November of 2008. Jacksonville and Wilmington have led the return to more normal market levels. Homes priced $300,000. and under move from listed to sold quickly. We continue to work our way through short … (0 comments)

topsail island: Spring has arrived in coastal North Carolina! - 03/22/09 09:36 AM
I am sure that you, like the rest of us here on Topsail Island and in Jacksonville are happy to finally see sunshine and warmer weather! This has been a glorious first week end of Spring! Our home on the island looks out over the Intracoastal Waterway. Over the past month, the sun has begun shining through our windows (illustrating, I might add, that those windows need their spring cleaning) and letting us know that spectacular sunsets will soon be visible. We are beginning to see the return of the sailboats and motors to the ICWW, as they make their way … (2 comments)

topsail island: Snow in southeastern North Carolina and on Topsail Island! - 01/20/09 05:40 AM
Visit our live (snow) cam on the beach in surf city on Topsail Island!


It doesn't happen very often, but Topsail Island has snow!!! Once a decade is about it. Oh, it won't be around long, the rest of today and most of tomorrow, 'cause the temperature's dropping into the 20's. The roads will be icy tomorrow morning. Southerners get very few opportunities to watch snow fall from the warmth and comfort of their own homes and places of business. As a native North Carolinian and a "villager" (yep, that's what they call folks … (0 comments)

topsail island: Topsail Island's Burchfield Group collects 1029 pounds of food - 01/02/09 03:40 AM

On Saturday,December 20, 2008, Burchfield Group members (Judy Carlton, Jerry Blackburn, Bob Ramsey, Kathy and Rand Burchfield) of Topsail Island and SeaCoast Realty were at the Food Lion in Hampstead. We collected 1029 pounds (that’s one thousand and twenty nine pounds) of food for the North Carolina Food Bank. The food pantries in four counties - Brunswick, New Hanover, Pender and Onslow will be the recipients of the overwhelming generosity of the residents of Hampstead and the Food Lion store.
95% of the people who took one of our flyers and went into the Food Lion … (0 comments)

topsail island: Topsail Island, Surf City and cooooool weather! - 11/16/08 11:35 AM
Wow! I hope that wherever you are, the weather was as glorious as it was on Topsail Island today! I heard from a couple of our Facebook friends that it was crisp and clear in many places around the United States.
We have temperate weather in Surf City through most of the year, as our thermometers rarely reach the freezing mark. Now, that is not to say that we never have that kind of weather, just that it happens at points so few and far between, that we forget!
There are a lot of events coming up through the holiday seaon! … (0 comments)

topsail island: Topsail Island and Surf City are remembering our veterans today! - 11/11/08 06:20 AM
With grateful thanks to all of our men and women in uniform, both past and present!
We live near Jacksonville, North Carolina, home to Camp LeJeune. Our military men and women are woven into the fabric of our every day life. We see them in uniform, out at sports events, with their families in church, at the post office, in the parks, and out walking their dogs, all of the activities that each of us do throughout the day. The difference is that those men and women, both currently serving and those retired, are called to higher service to their country … (0 comments)

topsail island: Surf City and Topsail Island - 09/27/08 05:46 AM
The new Surf City Visitors Center on Topsail Island opened yesterday. Located on the ocean front, the structure was moved from its former location in Camp Davis in the early 1950's. A picturesque spot, with the Surf City pier as a backdrop, the site was home to Cindy's Oceanside Restaurant until August 2007. A total renovation of the building makes available meeting space for small groups, as well as a wonderful venue for weddings, receptions, baby showers, and other community events. The SC Visitors Center will also provide a central location on the island for tourists to stop in, chat with locals … (0 comments)

topsail island: Rocking and rolling (with the nor'easter) on Topsail Island! - 09/26/08 04:04 AM
Considering the fact that Hurricane Hanna was touted as such a big deal a couple of weeks ago, this nor'easter was more damaging (to the beach). As the storm came ashore on astronomically high tides, the intracoastal waterway (normally a quarter mile from our back garden) rose to spill into the sound and then into our marsh. Amazing! We walked out to the beach yesterday, just at high tide and we were stunned to see the huge waves. There was a great deal of debris in the water, from stairs and sand fencing, so there is going to be a bit … (0 comments)

topsail island: Tasting with Topsail - 09/19/08 12:24 PM
Tasting with Topsail
The Greater Topsail Area Chamber of Commerce, and the director of the premiere fall event on Topsail Island, Patrice Beauchaine, will host the Second Annual Tasting with Topsail on September 20, 2008 from 2:00 – 6:00 p.m. at the Assembly Building in Topsail Beach.
Join us and sample all the best of these NC wineries:    Shelton Vineyards, Dobson; Raylen Vineyards and Winery, Mocksville; Duplin Winery, Rose Hill; Saddlerock Malibu Family Wines and select wines from across the US. After having tasted, you will be able to purchase a selection of the wines by the case or … (0 comments)

topsail island: Farmer's Markets and Topsail Island - 09/09/08 11:56 AM

Pictured above is one of our favorite places to stop at the Famer's Market held in Poplar Grove each Wednesday. Mary Wootten (the owner and chief cake designer) has one of the most original ideas, combining popcorn, peanuts and chocolate candies to make delicious "cakes". Also in the market are pickles, vegetables, plants, peanuts, grapes, orchids, wines, candles, handcrafted jewelry, breads and cookies and the most fabulous fresh cut flowers. Visit Mary's new website at and tell 'em we sent you!
If you would like to know about some of the other events being held in our area over … (0 comments)

topsail island: We're happy Hanna wasn't hard hearted on Topsail Island! - 09/06/08 08:54 AM
We've been to the office and Kathy put everything back to normal. (Well, what constitutes normal for our group), All the computers are back online, although Kathy's having a small glitch with one of our older desktops. Judy was in the office this morning and Bob was taking over this afternoon for floor duty. 
We drove the island and checked on our client's houses and everyone seems to have come out of the storm relatively unscathed. We do have some shingle issues to take care of, but again, whew!!!
We drove over to Sunrise Watch (where Barnacle Bill's used to be … (9 comments)

topsail island: Topsail Island and TS Hanna - 09/06/08 04:04 AM
All over and done with, for the most part. wind gusts of maybe 65 - 70. No high sustained. The power was on the entire time, we didn't lose cable and Kathy stayed nice and cool 'cause the AC stayed up. YAY! The dogs were a little jumpy most of the night, especially the younger of the two Bichons, Pearl. Evidently it became her assignment to make certain her family was aware of all those leaves blowing by the windows. Still a bit blustery on the island but the sun is coming out and folks are out on the beach. We … (5 comments)

topsail island: Tropical Storm Hanna - 09/05/08 12:16 PM
I wrote yesterday about the vagaries of hurricanes and this one is no different. The course changed throughout the day and now the storm is making landfall south of us. Actually, this is not a good thing, as the northeast quadrant of a tropical storm or hurricane is the most dangerous, as it has more tornadic activity. We are under a tornado watch now here on Topsail Island. Lots of wind and rain are expected. I have cleared our decks and balconies of anything that could become a missile or a cannonball, as Kathy says. Looking forward to walking the beach … (6 comments)

topsail island: Topsail Island and Hanna - 09/04/08 03:02 PM
Well, apparently landfall by Hanna is going to be right here on Topsail Island in Pender County. We spent the day gathering our signs, moving deck chairs and furniture off balconies and porches and rolling down storm shutters for some of our clients. Many of our homeowners do not live on Topsail and getting here to take care of their property is impossible from a distance standpoint. We do not expect Hanna to be much of a challenge, more on the order of a typical nor'easter but we never underestimate dear old Mother Nature, either. We have a healthy respect for … (0 comments)

topsail island: Topsail Island is one of the movie locations for "Nights in Rodanthe" - 09/01/08 06:20 AM
"Nights in Rodanthe", filmed in North  Topsail Beach, Wilmington, and the Outer Banks   community of Rodanthe is scheduled to open nationwide in September. An invitation only screening will be held on   September 24th at a movie theatre in Kill Devil Hills and a second screening will be held the following evening in Wilmington. The movie will open internationally in      October.
Nicholas Sparks, the author of this and     several other novels, lives in New Bern, N.C. "Nights in Rodanthe" follows the relationship of a doctor, played by actor Richard Gere, meeting a middle aged woman (Diane Lane) who is taking care of an inn on the … (6 comments)

topsail island: Sunday on Topsail Island - 08/31/08 07:12 AM
It is the final HUGE week end for the summer visitors on Topsail Island. Both Kathy and I noted yesterday that the ICWW was sidewallk to sidewalk with boaters. The weather is hot, humid and perfectly suited to a day on the water, lazily making your way to the marina in Surf City, or down to Bluewater for a leisurely lunch. The "ditch" is coastal North Carolina's liquid interstate highway, providing ingress and egress to the myriad water based communities along its length. One of the super parts of living where we do is that we can watch the tugboats manuevering … (2 comments)

topsail island: Topsail Island, Sunset Harbor, weather and cleanup - 08/30/08 06:56 AM
Wow. From the title, this had better be a great post. Today on Topsail Island, our neighborhood of Sunset Harbor had a community work day. I will be completely candid and tell you that my wife, Kathy did not participate in this project. Bugs, perspiration, hauling tree limbs and pulling stumps out of the ground just isn't her idea of fun. We had a great turn out otherwise, most of the homeowners and some of the temporary residents pitched in as well. It was a wonderful opportunity to connect and talk. This is a small neighborhood of only 12 homes. We look out … (1 comments)

topsail island: Watching the tropics, it's that time of year! - 08/25/08 12:11 PM
First Fay, now Gustav. We are old hands at this storm business after spending so many years on Topsail Island. My wife is fond of saying, "you pay your money and you take your chances, especially if you want to live this close to the ocean." The trade off is the unbelievable sounds of the waves crashing on the beach just a few streets over and the views from our sound side home of the Intracoastal. Lots of marsh between us and the water but the sunsets, especially in the winter are magnificent. Most folks think of the beach as a … (1 comments)

topsail island: Looking forward to a brand new week on Topsail Island! - 08/24/08 02:29 PM
Always good, no matter what your line of work may be, to have a day or so where you are not totally immersed in the business of "doing business." Wednesdays are that day for us, although we work every day, even if it is just catching up on email or making a few calls. The weeks since StarPower, we have been busy putting our new systems into place, working on our goals and trying to become better agents and a better team. We are looking forward to the Labor Day visitors to our island and the fall season.

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