logic: Affordable San Antonio Homes – Buying and Selling without Emotion - 07/21/11 08:05 AM
Affordable San Antonio Homes – Buying and Selling without Emotion
Affordable San Antonio homes are bought and sold every single day and those that benefit financially the most from the transactions tend to be the party that does so without emotion!
I read something a friend of mine wrote recently titled: The best fighters fight without emotion, and I immediately thought of all the buyers that are underwater now because they got adjustable rate mortgages (ARM) in 2005, 2006 and 2007 under the thought that I’ll save up some money, improve my credit scores, and refinance my home in 3-5 … (0 comments)

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Author Bio: Randy Elgin specializes in affordable homes for sale in Northwest San Antonio, TX. He serves residential, commercial and investor clients. He believes a needs analysis is an important first step and understanding what their goals are and how to help them achieve those goals is paramount.

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