photography: Some Photos Are Always Beautiful - 04/18/11 03:10 AM
Taking pictures around the yard seems so much different than taking photos for a home marketing effort. It seems something so simple can be captured so easy while the most important photos are difficult at best.
I have never used my phone camera to photo shoot photos of a home but after a photos like this, I may try. The main issue with camera phones seem to be lighting. The white rose shot is rather bright even in the shadow of a cloud.
I guess it's just the randomness of it all. Then again, springtime is always beautiful.

The color of flowers … (4 comments)

photography: Should You Re-Photo? - 04/13/11 03:14 AM
Ever searched through listings during the late summer and notice all the trees in the photos have no leaves, or that the grass is dormant? Ever notice listings that upon a visit, look nothing like the photos? I visited a home recently that has been on the market for nearly two years and upon entering, I wondered where all the tacky looking wallpaper and the clutter went!The owners over time have apparently progressed through making their home more appealing to potential buyers, but buyers searching online have no clue. No wallpaper, all neutral colors, new windows, decluttered, new flooring and newer appliances. This … (6 comments)