sales: Market Dynamics - Market Has Changed, So Have We! - 03/29/11 03:56 AM
EXiT Realty Premier Tupelo, MS Real Estate Taking on the job of marketing and selling real estate today is both a monumental and risky proposition. We all know that market dynamics have shifted from prior years when situations were more favorable for sellers - to conditions now that have buyers realizing the increasing power they have over the home buying process.As, such, and with the day-to-day changes in the mortgage industry and the competition from foreclosures, it has never made more sense to seek out the right company to help you get your home to market and sold. Visit Think About … (2 comments)

sales: February 2011 Sales Statistics - Tupelo Area, NE Mississippi - 03/03/11 12:41 PM

sales: November 2010 Sales Statistics - Tupelo Area, NE Mississippi - 12/02/10 04:30 AM
A quick compilation of housing numbers for the month of November 2010 are as follows:
Total Closed Sales:  83 (decrease from 79 for month prior)
Total Foreclosures Sold: 28 (increase from 25 for month prior)Foreclosure/sales Ratio: 34%  (32% month prior)
Average Sold Price: $117,293 (decrease over last month)Median Price: $93,500  This is a change of -2.56% YTD as compared to last year.
Lowest Sold Price: $7,000Highest Sold Price: $300,000 with list to sale price ratio of 91% (585 Days on Market)
Average List/Sell Price Ratio  91% (decrease from 93% prior)
Average Days on Market 129 (solds) (an improvement for two consecutive months, still driven by quick sales of investment properties and other well priced … (1 comments)

sales: Don't Quit! - 11/03/10 04:42 AM
ATTENTION TUPELO and NE MISSISSIPPI  AREALicensed Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons
We know that the going has been extremely tough in the real estate business, especially lately. Many licensees are struggling to survive, some have taken part-time jobs or are considering other employment options, and others have just quit the business.
Referral Advantage Group is a licensed holding company for your real estate license.  We consist of a group of licensed real estate salespersons and/or brokers who are not actively engaged in practicing real estate, and by placing license status with us, still MAKE MONEY in real estate.  This registry allows you to earn sizable fees for simply referring … (4 comments)

sales: It's Easy to Get Your Walk-ins Back! - 12/30/09 07:18 AM
When I first decided on an office location, it would be in a low to modest cost area with high visibility/traffic and ultimately offset high advertising startup costs and help with company branding. Over the years, we have usually captured a walk-in client or two just based on the convenience of our location. Nothing like a tourist route mind you, but adjacent to a local cleaners and a mainstay and lankmark location in Tupelo for years. This definately helped.
It seems that through this entire downturn, walk-ins have almost become nearly extinct and are rare....
...until one of my agents suggested placing a little sign out by … (8 comments)