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Why are so many agents too lazy to post pictures of their listings?  I have seen discussions on this topic more than once.  Our Century 21 franchise even goes so far as to send reminders if you don't have enough pictures posted.  Our MLS allows for up to 10 pictures.  Every training class having ...
If you have selling real estate for any period of time you have seen contracts that just make you scratch your head.  Sometimes you see simple errors such as missing signatures, wrong addresses and misspelled names.  Other times you see outright scary stuff. When I write contracts I live by a sim...
I do a fair amount of business with young first time buyers.  Many are active duty military.  Working with young buyers can be a mixed blessing.On one hand it is so rewarding taking a renter and making them a home owner.  The look on someone's face when I give them the keys to their new home make...
One of our most important jobs as agents is to identify red flags to our clients, document and follow up.An attorney who taught a class I attended a couple of years ago said you can never completely avoid law suits, but you can minimize potential exposure.When you spot a potential problem with a ...
                                                            Confusing Isn't It?The most confusing term here in Hawaii is "As Is".  If you ask several Realtors "What is As Is?" you will get several different answers.  You will also see a modern day version of the soft shoe.  I even heard the quest...
Some time ago I represented a husband and wife on the purchase of a home, we have fondly nicknamed the "Termite House".  It was commonly believed that the only thing keeping it from collapsing was the termites holding hands.I met my buyers one Saturday while sitting in my office.  They pre-qualif...
While showing properties you run into the occasional listing that makes you ask the question... What were they thinking?A little while back I was checking on an area just above our town that has five condo complexes.  All five complexes have a series of concrete buildings with identical floor pla...
I hope this will help clear up some confusion among real estate professionals and the public.In the course of doing business we constantly see phrases, terms and slang used to describe property.  Some are subjective which makes it at times confusing.  I will attempt to clear up a few and I will a...
The last couple of years we in were in a market where homes were getting multiple offers.  Everything sold; seller's were not overpriced they were just ahead of their time.  People of all walks of life were jumping into the profession and hitting the streets with little to no experience.During th...
                                                                               I was driving out to my open house yesterday and it hit me.  The sun was up, the birds were singing and the surf was perfect.  But something was wrong with this picture.As I stopped along the way to set up road side si...

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