realtors: If You Don’t Like Someone, You Can Still be Nice! - 03/16/13 11:18 AM
Just Be Nice!
This is something I learned early I life.  I have heard it from several motivational type folks over the years and try to live it.  Sometimes it can be hard, if the person we are speaking about is particularly obnoxious.
As Realtors® we are in a business where we have to deal with people from all walks of lives and with all types of problems. We work with people who have tragedies in their lives and are in a time of change.  They may be dealing with anything from divorce, to death, to loss of a job.  We … (7 comments)

realtors: You Might Consider Another Line of Work - 10/01/11 09:21 PM
Jeff Foxworthy has, “you might be a redneck.”  I have, “you might consider another line of work.”
If you are a real estate agent or a loan officer and:
1)      You don’t put your client’s needs ahead of yours; you might consider another line of work.
2)      You don’t return phone calls on a timely basis; you might consider another line of work.
3)      You are not getting properly trained; you might consider another line of work.
4)      You don’t like people and you can’t treat everyone exactly the same; you might consider another line of work.
5)      If you … (66 comments)

realtors: Attention Renters - It is Time to Buy! - 09/26/11 05:27 AM
Do you want to be a homeowner?  Are you worried about timing?  After reading this article, you will better understand why it is time to buy.  Let’s look at a few factors, the amateur experts and the news media failed to tell you.
·         Prices are down.  Are they at the bottom?  There is no possible way to predict the absolute bottom in any market, but they are down and in many areas are showing signs of leveling and even climbing.  As you read down, you will see that timing the bottom; may be one of the lower priorities when deciding … (15 comments)

realtors: Which REALTORS® Will Remain in 2010? - 12/27/09 04:56 PM
2009 was a tough year for many real estate agents.  We will soon find out how many stay and how many leave the business.
I and many of the area full time professionals seemed to have had a pretty good 2009, considering the challenges we faced with lenders and government tinkering.  Many others agents did not make enough money to cover their costs.  We will soon find out how many of those agents will to go back to flipping burgers or whatever they used to do before joining our profession in the search of easy money.
Being a real estate agent … (20 comments)

realtors: Why Use a Full Time Real Estate Agent? - 08/23/09 08:42 PM
I get calls from buyers whose real estate agent told them to call me to see one of my listings.  Their agent can't make the appointment or show the property because they are at work (their real job).
If that buyer finds a property they like, their agent is not qualified to write the offer.  They did not examine the property for potential issues and needed addendums.  Many times they can't even be reached to get the offer written in a timely manner.  You can almost guarantee they do not know the market or are even proficient in contract writing.   
If … (102 comments)

realtors: Are You Really a REALTOR®? - 07/14/09 10:31 PM
Toward the end of last year the Honolulu Board of REALTORS® brought in electronic lock boxes.  The Sentrilock® boxes have brought in a much needed improvement over the old mechanical boxes.  We can now monitor who and when they enter our listings.  It also allows us to create dedicated 1-day codes for venders and agents who have not set up their smart card.  I could go on for another paragraph touting the merits of the program.
What is quite disturbing is the number of real estate agents who have not activated their smart cards and those who are not using the … (108 comments)

realtors: A Real Estate Alert - Buyers and Sellers Beware! - 03/12/09 03:56 AM
If you are looking to buy or sell a home you may want to ask a question of you real estate agent before making a decision on whether to work with them.
Do you do this full time?  In other words is this their primary source of income? In my county and I am sure the numbers may be similar across the country.  About 2/3 of the members of our Board had one transaction or less last year. I know you are stunned, but this is the number.  That does not include all the people who have active real estate licenses who … (25 comments)

realtors: Keeping Your Cool When Others Are Freaking Out - 12/02/08 07:15 AM
One thing that stands out about a real estate professional is their ability to keep their cool under pressure.  The process of buying or selling real estate can be a very stressful process.  Buyers are sellers in many cases are dealing with the most expensive thing in their life.  Rarely does a real estate transaction happen with a curve ball or two.   When this happens we separate the professionals from the amateurs.
The professionals are those who see these are challenges or just part of the process.  The amateurs are stressed out, acting badly or just shutting down.  As … (74 comments)

realtors: It is Hard to Tell Sellers All of the Truth - 08/22/08 09:30 AM
You the REALTOR®, you walk into a potential listing and the home has a few (hundred) too many items in the house.  What do you say to the seller? The seller wants $75,000 more than the home is worth.  Do you tell them the advice they got from their hairdresser neighbor or uncle from another town is a mile off? The house is dirty, messy and has a bad smell (Big Dog).  Do you say lovely home, I am sure it will sell fast or do you tell it to them straight? The orange bathroom walls and hot pink bedroom … (72 comments)

realtors: REALTORS® Point Out Red Flags, They Don’t Give All The Answers - 07/23/08 04:05 PM
As a REALTOR® my primary job is to protect my client's interest.  It is not to practice law, give tax advice our give engineering opinions.  I am licensed to sell homes; I am not a Lawyer, a CPA, a Contractor or an Engineer of any type.  I can loose my license for practicing law and giving professional advice for something other than what I am licensed to do.
This is the hardest thing for many agents to remember.  I constantly hear agents make comments like this home has settling issues or you can knock out that wall and move it there.  … (25 comments)

realtors: The 2007 REALTORS® Conference and Expo - 10/31/07 11:27 AM
This year I am making the trip to the NAR National Convention in Las Vegas.  This will be my first NAR convention.  The conference runs from Nov. 13-17, 2007.  It will be held in the Venetian Resort's The Sands Expo and Convention Center.  Http://
I am looking forward to the trade show part in particular.  I am always looking for new ideas on how to better my process and procedures.  I am also a gadget and techie junkie.  The trade show has over 700 vendors listed.  That should fill a fair amount of time.
While in there I am hoping to meet up … (14 comments)

realtors: August 2007 Real Estate Sales Activity for Ocean Pointe - 09/01/07 01:38 PM
Ocean Pointe a planned community in Ewa Beach, Hawaii (makes up part of tax map key 191).
Single Family homes: Average sales prices of single family homes are down a little from 2006.  Sales volume is has seen a little bigger drop from 2006 levels.  Inventory has come down a little more from last month, but we are still looking at about 5 months worth.  Buyers will continue to find sellers that may be a little negotiable.
Condo and townhouse sales are another story.  Sales volume has shown drops over 2006 levels.  Average sales prices has a slight decrease year to date from … (0 comments)

realtors: July 2007 Real Estate Sales Activity for Ocean Pointe - 08/10/07 11:21 AM
Ocean Pointe a planned community in Ewa Beach, Hawaii (makes up part of tax map key 191).
Single Family homes: Although year to date average sales prices of single family homes arte down a little from 2006, we saw a little bit of a rebound in June and July.  Sales volume is still down from 2006 levels.  Inventory has come down a little but we are still looking at 6 months worth.  Buyers will continue to find sellers that may be a little negotiable.
Condo and townhouse sales are another story.  June and July inventory levels are similar to single family homes, which … (2 comments)

realtors: Team Selling of Real Estate, the Team Includes the Seller - 06/30/07 08:43 AM
To be successful in selling a home it requires a team effort.  There are many members of the team.  I am not talking about the whether the Realtor is a solo agent or part of a sales team within their company, when I refer to the team in this post I am talking a little bigger picture.
The team I am referring to is the team of all the people needed to make for a successful transaction.  This list is not complete but has the players most often involved.  This list is common for Hawaii.  In other states the list may vary … (23 comments)

realtors: What is Your Definition of Professional Behavior for a Real Estate Agent? - 06/23/07 08:10 PM
In a few recent blog posts I have gotten a few responses challenging my ideas about professionalism.
Those who challenged my opinions in most cases are those who do not practice what I preach.  I personally try to follow all of the items on the below list and firmly believe that even though this may not be a complete list, but it is a good list of what makes up a pattern of professional behavior.
This is a list of some of things I feel make up a pattern of professional behavior for a real estate agent:
Become a member of the Board of … (100 comments)

realtors: There are No Short Cuts to Becoming a Real Estate Professional - 05/20/07 06:24 AM
I have run into many inexperienced people in our industry from all facets of the business.  I see a common problem in an overwhelming percentage of them.  Very few are prepared to do what it takes to learn their craft.
The fact is that most newbie's take short cuts.  They are unwilling to make the investment of time, money and education required to become a top professional.
One story that sticks out in my mind was told to me my brother who is a Realtor in another state.  An agent in his office came crying to him.  She was in tears … (65 comments)

realtors: Value vs. Price - 05/15/07 06:48 AM
I have always believed that there are two ways to go about selling a service.  Sell the service or sell the price.  There is a market for both.
I had a great mentor many years ago that taught me one lesson that I live by today.  You can not win on price alone, because someone is always dumber than you.
A little background:
For many years I sold equipment and supplies in the printing and graphics business.  I was very successful at it and enjoyed my work.  I also took extreme pride in knowing my products and market better than any of my … (34 comments)

realtors: Buyers Need a Good Real Estate Agent More than Ever - 02/22/07 09:24 AM
In today's world of internet and technology some buyers think they are ready to go it on their own.  To the contrary they need us more than ever.
Back in 1982 when I first went to real estate school to get a license:
The purchase contract (DROA) in Hawaii was 1 page long. Mortgages were hard to get and there were not many choices in loan programs and lenders.  Home inspections were not as complicated then either.Mold was something you scrubbed off.  Asbestos and lead paint were commonly found in most homes.  To get information on homes for sale you found an area … (7 comments)

realtors: Your Price is TOO HIGH! - 02/16/07 10:39 AM
While showing property the other day to one of my clients we say two almost identical homes.
Both properties were in above average condition.  Both had some nice upgrades to them.  Both were built by the same developer and were in the same neighborhood within a planned community and were the same model with identical floor plans about two blocks apart.  The one my client liked a little more had nicer floors and nicer kitchen cabinets.
The real difference in the properties was this they were priced $13,000 apart.  The one my client liked better was priced at exactly what the last … (40 comments)

realtors: Full Time Professionals vs. Part Time Hobbyist– Part 2 - 02/12/07 02:25 AM
I may have insulted a few folks with my previous blog: Full Time Professionals vs. Part Time Hobbyist or Limited Service Agents
For the benefit of those who were insulted we need to take a 2nd look at what I said and what they are doing.  It is not a question of how many hours a week you work or what you charge for your services.  It is about the service you provide or the lack there of and the competency of what you are doing.
I recently responded to a blog that was somewhat tongue and cheek.  It disagreed with my point … (43 comments)

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