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Everyone should be able to relate with the title of this posting if you have lived for any length of time in a maturity stage. Where does it say or is represented to anyone on this earth that they will live a problem-free life and remain in an idyllic stage? Even trying to do this leads to other ...
I speak to you both personally and professionally (fully) and invite you to assess and examine yourself. Pause is required and of course a desire to want to know to enter into this subject matter. Its a treasure hunt only this is about the inner values that we know as satisfactions, contentedness...
The title of the post applies to everything if you choose to believe or investigate it. We do to have or why would you do? The second phase in this thought process is what is the gain from the doing or having? Everyone has to ante-up in this game & we all have the same value to do so i.e. our tim...
Here is intelligent feedback and input in regards to the Real Estate industry by my colleague and fellow professional Richard Bazinet /MBA, CRS, ABR . Richard's contribution came about when I posted a Question in ActiveRain Q & A section in regards to the Real Estate market correcting itself for ...
We have been invited to enter into in a particularly interesting contest challenge of a sort to share some of ourselves and then stand and participate further when the question and answers phase of the contest is introduced. The projected outcome hoped for is that intimacy, transparency and a typ...
Henry David Thoreau remains one of my favorites. You must do your self a good service and visit with this mans quotes and philosophies as they will enrich you and cause you great reason to pause and then admire the depth, breath and width of life and all its mysteries“How vain it is to sit down t...
This is where all of us humans must go and willingly too or we will not have the  "deep" satisfaction of connecting with whatever we are doing or wanting to accomplish. The first stop (or start) for the person's sense is with themselves and from there, we seek to reason with all others with one s...
This should be taught as part of the education system especially in today's culture of anything goes. Unless one plans on living alone somewhere for the rest of their lives, interacting with people in a responsible manner is mandatory for personal development and professional success. What should...
We forget that there are swords that cut both ways and a good reminder is to get slashed by one. What if we put something up for sale and it doesn't sell? First answer is a no-brain-er. We lower the price. What if that doesn't work? We make some curb repairs? What then if that doesn't produce? Ge...
Over the years that I have been posting, blogging and commenting I have maintained an awareness to be careful and mindful to write in broad general terms using best concepts and examples to make my point for the subject matters. I always knew people would see themselves and recognize their situat...

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