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FELLOW PROFESSIONALS..... It is well documented..... that lawsuits in Real Estate can show themselves 2-3 years after the close of escrow. No need for that if all was done well. That is why all rules, regulations and procedures be identified and addressed for all the parties of the transaction wh...
especially in todays market, this question means more.... with money being so tight. The principal of spending money to protect your investment is what I am talking about. Real Estate involves tens of thousands to hundreds of thousand s of dollars to be handled and addressed.  SELLING OR RENTING ...
I AM NOT ADVOCATING YOU DOING THIS BUT EARLY IN MY REAL ESTATE CAREER...I STARTED EATING WHILE DRIVING WITHOUT HANDS It all started many years ago when I applied for and received my Real Estate License. I immediately got involved (and very busy) doing second Trust Deed loans, Property Management,...
FINDING A REAL ESTATE AGENT IS EASY. BUT A PRO?   WELL THAT'S ANOTHER STORY............. What is a professional? In every profession, there are people who stand out and they are called professionals. Professional defined........ one who has special education, who possesses distinctive qualities, ...
  I FELL DOWN A SHORT SALE HOLE.............   WHAT HAPPENED............ I just closed a short sale that was started 14 months ago. If you divide the time spent by the hour, this comes under charity, community volunteer work. Having to hold onto my buyer, keep the seller focused and communicate w...
When the wise old spider….. who is able to crawl on the floor, walls, or ceiling and who para-sails with his web thread..... was asked for an opinion, the spider stated ….it depends on how you look at it. WHAT THE SPIDER TEACHES....... We do well to remember the spider’s point (s) of view and be ...
F   IDUCIARY from the Latin  Fides or faith…and… Fiducia or trust   Highest ethical relationship of confidence or trust between two or more parties…Highest standard of care…Acting in good conscience on behalf of another…With sole benefit and loyalty… Relationship of trust and confidence…Where per...
I am taking a risk here, so please be gentle with me. Remember the very first time (blogging) when you found ActiveRain? I lost my virginity blogging here. It was my first time to blog. It felt wonderfully scary. Let me share..........slowly I heard about ActiveRain from the Chairwoman of a griev...

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