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Everyday is a good day. Who is telling you otherwise..? What makes you think that there is more to the day that the day itself..? Look how it starts for most of us. You wake up in the morning and THE DAY is awaiting you. What a fantastic premise or gift to give someone. A DAY! Here's a day for yo...
Where does one begin on a subject like this...? I mean what does a teenager know about anything..? Think about it. Quite a few of us didn't seize the opportunities that High School presented. I have memory of quite a few girls who didn't have good homes getting into trouble early on It is not eas...
The subject of what makes a person interested in a piece of property is an interesting one. It is an emotional experience and a functional one too considering the size of the purchase. Once we get through all that, there remains the material fact...the subject of this post WHAT IS A MATERIAL FACT...
Our capitalistic society doesn't not promote being conservative or cautious. Quite the contrary, it supports irresponsibility, consumerism and live now pay later dynamics. When the system fails, it take you with it and marks you for life. what kind of a system is that...? KEEP YOUR CREDIT CARDS, ...
There is something unfair afoot in regards to getting a ticket now a days. First, there is the economy that just makes any additional expenses a burden. Then there is the fact that you got caught right or wrong...then, it just gets worse from there Now, let's be frank about this. Police do not gi...
Well, the other day I was being thankful and I became aware of my residence, the place where I live. I looked around the place and liked it. I then wondered how many others liked their homes. I thought I would share about mine I live on the side of a mountain that opens up to a natural wildlife c...
Robinson Crusoe is a true story of a man marooned on an Island and for the most part alone and in despair. He needed to un-learn and then learn things to survive. During that process, he came to appreciate the thought of the company of another Human Being COME HITHER AND LET ME ADORN THEE.... You...
Everywhere we go, two things will stand, there are people everywhere and two, there we are...with them. I have noticed that a lot of times when meeting people or passing by them, more often than not, correct interaction is compromised.....Let me share... WHAT DO YOU FIND HARD TO DO...? ...
I am a firm believer that with every negative circumstance, with every problem...there is a solution and an upside or a positive ending. I base this on the fact that there are no accidents in life and that things happen for a reason. I would prefer to be contacted in a dream or by an Angel, but s...
I was in a meeting with strangers when the dreaded sneeze came about on some unlucky person. I say unlucky because people do not like to attract attention to themselves in certain situations. This was one of them....Right after the sneeze, several comments were made as follows.... God bless you, ...

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