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I read about it happening to others. I was not interested when I did. Some of what I read suggested that old feelings were awakened and things happened even though the now two people are married. I thought this would not be possible if it was not for the Internet. I also thought , what would you ...
I rent property out and in order to give someone possession right away, cash is required. I had a renter client turn over about $3000 in cash to me the rest in a $60 check. I told him to leave the "payable to" blank as I didn't know who would be going to the bank to cash this check. It turned out...
These are all twenty page albums in very good condition or more collected by someone who knew Elvis personally and has many stories to tell as well as keep sakes. This is a client of mine and proceeds go to a good cause           For more information and collectables...please inquire  
"His first & only press conference" has an interesting story and it came out on the market as an "audio magazine", but it is a record album. Elvis, of course is on the front of the "magazine", but contains many other celebrity "news stories", including when Angela Davis was acquitted on kidnappin...
I have a friend who has asked me to market some 40 year old plus Elvis Presley memorabilia. The proceeds go to a good cause so I couldn't say no. The product is decent and no reasonable offer will be refused. Please review and respond accordingly.... I have lots of menus and the photo albums that...
The People Magazine from 1975 was announcing his 40th birthday in January that year. See how he looked. He died in August 1977, only 2 years later, looking how we remember him at the end. All through the Vegas years, right up to the end of 1975, he looked great, slender and full of personality an...
It is not easy to rent property out now a days and to seek out properties for rent either. Both landlords and tenants have their hands full. Landlords want the rent paid on time and the common sense rules obeyed. Prospective tenants want a safe and affordable place to what is the proble...
Lately more than ever, my clients are always asking me what I think. This is how it comes about. I brief them as to what is going on. I make sure they are tracking with me. I then explain the up and down sides and present a time-line that covers the short and long term results NOW... When I am fi...
Now show a little restraint here. I am only sharing mine because it is amusing and harmless. It means the same thing as yours, but does less damage to the public at large. I also don't have to worry about kids repeating what I said or reporting me to their parents GIGGLE... BUT PAY ATTENTION Now,...
Lately I have been using something when talking to people that tells me everything I want to know. Doesn't matter what the subject is we are discussing. At some point, I will bring up whether or not you liked the Three Stooges and if you don't respond correctly, I have formed an opinion about you...

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