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I am reminded on how B of A tried to charge a fee for using a debit card and the public said NO. Then, Netflix tried a maneuver to make an extra creative buck and the public said a very expensive NOT TODAY. Then, a carrier tried to charge for paying your bill online or some such nonsense and ther...
I got the initial call. My local Board of Realtors Real Estate counsel recommended me to first time buyers. I have a short sale that would make a perfect first time buyer investment too. However these folks wanted another area. After much dialog, I decided that these buyers will need some TLC and...
When you hear the word repent, your religious genes are stirred up as well as your anti-religion cells. All this should do is to remind you that whatever wasn't making too much sense, or was causing you ill or woe, cast it off and begin a new. What better message and opportunity can one have than...
Learning how to navigate through the storms of life is a very good idea. We are motion machines equipped with intelligence and designed with above average capabilities (debatable at times, I know). Wherever we go, there we are and we are designed to supervise, maintain, direct and prevail no matt...
It makes perfect sense to expect and then see a creative float centered on Real Estate activities entered into the California Tournament of Rose Parade. Here is where the CAR and the NAR should have gotten together and come up with one nice float. Now, more than ever, sending a good Real Estate m...
I am actually surprised by it from the following point of view. I was waiting for after the New Year and then I expected a flurry of inquires only because people shut down during the holidays and then start up again. So what I was expecting came in a week earlier which may indicate a stronger tha...
Last year this book sold out and we had to go to second print. This year we didn't sell out, but that is because our other book PEARLS FOR GIRLS DATING WAITING & SEX...IN SEEKING CUPID...DON'T BE STUPID was selling equally well. PEARLS FOR THE SOUL never let us or the consumer down and we knew th...
I know of a coveted area where it is privileged to either rent or own. A small enclave of custom older homes on the side of a mountain full of lots of large mature trees, landscaping and privacy. Lots of quietude. There is also views of the city and mountains plus a protected wild life refuge whi...
He is only licensed in for the state of Alaska specifically the North pole. He works Real Estate only part time too. This intentionally limits his practice making it kinda slow for him all year round. This is a good thing because of his full time job delivering presents and visiting with others w...
Well it all came to a satsifying climax...Christmas is over and we are on a countdown to the new year

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