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Ever since I heard that computers need to be updated every 3-4 years, I pondered that statement. What you buy today while current and functional will eventually not have all the latest and greatest bells and whistles one day. Then, the process repeats itself and we purchase again MY TIME HAD COME...
I am working with a professional Heating and AC man right now in a rental. Property Management is very educational even like college courses. I learn so much about a lot of things especially when I work with the different trades. This guy answers every question I put to him without hesitation or ...
The hustle bustle of everyday life is upon us now more than ever. When we wake in the morning, our minds race to meet up with our thoughts and we go through mentally where we must go to physically and then we prepare for the journey. We jump in the shower, do the the necessaries, dress for succes...
I recorded the Oscars because I cannot stand the commercials. I also don't like some of the categories while important to some, bore me to tears. You can't help but notice the egos, pride, power, manipulation and all the rest of it at work too. It is sort of a quick study on human nature and what...
I heard this story in my high school civics class and never forgot it. Over the years it became more instructive the more you visited with it too. The story centers around a huge important critical machine that broke down and needed servicing immediately. An expert was called and came out. The ex...
I have to remain purposely vague here. I know of someone who did a buy back using their relatives to purchase a home at market value that was underwater severely. This is a beautiful family and when I heard they couldn't afford to stay there, it bothered me. They stood to lose everything CLOSED T...
I am amazed at how some people want it all and need others to help them get all they can. What happens when you meet your like kind? Someone has to give in or where are we going and how fast are we traveling there? Whatever you want, the other guy wants to. Whats good for goose is good for the ga...
In the world of yes or no, where simplicity and honesty reside, if you ask the question; Is life good?....the answer can only be yes. Our circumstances that change from day to day, week to week or even yearly should not change this answer in any way. CHALLENGES COME AND GO Many of us face challen...
Life is to be lived. Why do you think you wake up in the morning? Its a call to action if there ever was one. Every waking hour of the day is a precious one of a kind gift that most people aren't aware of until its too late. An action plan whether it is personal or professional is a good way to g...
It's an election year where lies come and go and everyone makes promises that are too good to be true.. One thing holds up right now and that is interest rates are historically low and property is priced at market value or below. The famous first half of the statement "buy low and sell high" is u...

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