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I was listening to a lecture and the person lecturing made a statement and said...that is just a lot of flotsam and jetsam and went on to put down on a point of view. I made a note of that and decided to look it up for curiosity sake. I find out that these are very succinct words that have distin...
When someone is held against their will as in captured and held for ransom or to make a point, there is a well documented syndrome that kicks in called the STOCKHOLM SYNDROME. This is where the captives start sympathizing and even supporting their captors. An emotional unhealthy bond is establish...
Fascinating this business of Real Estate we are in and even more interesting are the people you meet while navigating through it. My Short sale is approaching the 15 month mark and the stand-out memory here is that the pricing I started out with is now the pricing I ended up with after going up a...
This agent was found well preserved after being buried for almost 1000 years. Scientists attribute this phenomenon to one special thing. It is the coveted and necessary second skin that all seasoned agents get after being in the business successfully for years. I emphasize successful because taki...
We either give it or we want it. Either way, this dynamic, this invisible priceless gift is out there and you will either receive it or give it many times over in your life time. It applies itself to everything, anywhere and all the time. What is it about this little phrase that packs such a powe...
It went smooth as silk. Everything stated and represented validated itself with little or no effort. Statements were made, answers were given and in the end, it all held. The results: a quick renting of the premises in question. It can be a simple process for people inquiring and property manager...
In the 1950's, all you would see on television or in movies is healthy and whole communities with good neighbors and well kept homes all surrounded with white picket fences, dogs in the yard and a bike or two in the driveway. Nothing could go wrong and this was normal. No one rented either. You b...
Real Estate may move a little slower when it comes to placing a bet, but it never stands still. It is always in a state of flux and can be compared to getting on and off an escalator. Watch your step but do get on and at some point do get off carefully. Even in Las Vegas, the roulette guy at some...
It took me a while before I realized that people buy homes based on emotions. That's right. They love the home and want it. Of course they want it subject to certain things, but want it they do. They usually fall in love slowly perhaps starting out with the neighborhood, then the street it is on ...
It is finding the right companion that proves daunting and plagues everyone who enters into the is arena. Everyone wants something from the other person they are looking for. We call it love. That would be great if we could exchange just that. Love for Love. But along with each package comes all ...

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