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Kitchens remain a priority when selling or buying a home and how they are designed and function plays into the dynamics of the transaction. Some kitchens need remodeling and some have had some work done on them. All time and money well spent. Adding to the kitchen to make it more attractive is a ...
Alan...I join you in this happy occasion This is what it is all about...The call to buy and set up a future goes out to everyone who lives in America and wants to activate the American dream...Anyone can do what they set their hearts to doing especially when you have the freedom to do so. My word...
I wasn't thinking of Tom Jones or Samson...I just needed a title for a quick post...Now that you are here, what should we explore? Life is always a good subject and we all have enough of that in common. Love is something we never learn enough about but all have participated in with lotsa stories ...
You see them everywhere you go. They are even in magazines, posters, pictures, and in fancy frames. I am referring to people who pose professionally and for promotional purposes for Real Estate purchase or sales. I mean they are supposed to represent the cleanest, must cooperative qualified peopl...
As Real Estate professionals, we are held to higher standards using ethics as our flag waiving high in the sky for all to see. One of our standards is truth in advertising etc which remains a very important part of our business. To use tricks, deception, manipulation or imply something false or u...
The two greatest dynamics that visit with mankind and cannot be ignored are 1. Everyone wants to be loved and 2. No one wants to be alone. However, how we go about this is the cause of so much unnecessary woe. WHY? Instead of following the dictates of our hearts, we let our mind and emotions inte...
People buy or don't buy from people first is a rule that makes it rounds. We do look and listen to the face that is pitching product. We do research and look for articles, blogs, comments and posts so that we get insights to the persons thinking. In Real Estate, you get one big fat chance to do i...
With gratitude for everything. Where do you start this thankful journey? Right under your own nose and in your own backyard. From there, it gets easier to appreciate anything wherever you go. There is the small or micro picture of life and then the grand or macro version. On the larger scale, peo...
A few years ago, I saw a senior medical facility that could be converted into condos. There were many problems to over come and in time, they would all be addressed accordingly. One main issue was adjacent to this property was a medium size piece of land that would be perfect for complying with t...
That's right. YOU CAN GO PUBLIC right now here on ACTIVERAIN at anytime you want. Just pick a subject or share a product and create a post. Put some reasonable effort into it and VOILA! have your own personal ACTIVERAIN IPO. Of course you retain all the shares and the rights to the post an...

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