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I speak Real Estate fluently. I don't dabble in it. It is not a hobby and I don't use it to boost my ego. I do it for a living and answer accordingly when asked. Over the years, I have systems, tools, procedures and savvy that when activated can put you into a house or help you sell one. A big pa...
NO...that is not the way to buy or sell a house now a days. There was a time when that is how it worked. A seller would establish a value, up that value thinking that it was going to be countered lower and eventually end up at the true or expected sale price. The buyer's mentality was to see the ...
Well he represents and can be a novice, a latecomer to the party or a recruit to a cause or an event. Mr. Lately is often times not received very well either. Perhaps if he used a more formal name like John C. Lately he may get better results. This person can also be someone who shows up late but...
I have loved french fries since I was a kid. They remain beloved in the world of the potato and who hasn't had them or liked them? I totally enjoy mine with lots of ketchup and or Malt vinegar. Of course you can dip fries into any sauce. Its all personal too. I like large fries or steak fries as ...
I have an issue with credit reporting and it goes like this. These so-called credit reporting agencies find or fish things out and they pay no mind to accuracy or current or reliable data. Instead, they just take it and put it on your report. Then, it is up to the person to go through all the hoo...
This is where the rubber meets the road and results don't lie. When someone brags, boasts, shares, comments and insists that you have the same good experience they did if you use so and so or buy this product.... then something of value must be taking place. Word of mouth is like a living referen...
It is by the grace and command of the Lord almighty that evil has to get permission to harass you or you would have been taken by now. Mankind is no match for the devil or his fallen horde. For those that could care less or commit questionable acts, they are considered fair game and hunt-able unt...
I like spirit and truth principals and in the end, everything worthy ends up in that realm. Religion is a tool to help you reach that realm and onward to the greatest mystery ever introduced to the mankind...God. Now God is not his real name. We use the word God to refer to well...God. He cannot ...
Now here is a subject that has to be explored thoroughly because you will not want to return to it again. FENCING. Let start by saying that my current fence has lasted for decades through, sleet, snow, rain, sun, wind, rot, vine and root attacks and still held. THANK YOU. But now, it is time to r...
Should someone have secrets? Are they healthy and what do you do with them? If someone told you something and then said tell no one, why did they tell you? How about someone who is trying to SELL you a secret perhaps to cure a pain or illness, make you rich or get ahead quicker? The first time it...

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