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We all know Detroit has declared bankrutpcy...thats the whole city mind you. What I read about a hearing before the bankruptcy Judge moved me and infuriated me at the same time. People who had worked for the City from 15-30 years were in danger of NOT getting their pensions. Stop and think about ...
Points in and of themselves don't do what we would like them to do. We must make them mean something. I am reminded of the world of BARBIE DOLLS and how I used to watch my grandaughter take those dolls, clothes, plastic mini-furniture and clothing and even Ken showing up in his car and make it al...
What a bunch of babies we have leading this country and not just becasue I say so. Where is the motivation, the counseling, nurturing, guiding and mentoring that comes from healthy leadership and management to others and their teams? Instead, we are exposed to petty bickering, threats and my way ...
I was walking along minding my own business. It was a beautiful day, sun was out and I was on top of a moutain with winding trails and steep roads. I had gotten an ACTIVERAIN feature and I like checking on my iphone who commented plus anyone else trying to get ahold of me when all of a sudden......
I am speaking about the agent remarks section when filling out the listing on the MLS site. Here is where we can speak peer to peer, business to business and talk Real Estate. Things that are necessary to know and help move things forward agent to agent. Many agents do not use this space well and...
Do you own your own home? This is asked as opposed to "do you rent". When the the person answers...I OWN, they swell with pride and accomplishment. Their whole demeanor changes. It lights up, has a confidence and a display of "I did it" aura to it. I'm somebody. Next time this comes up or you ask...
If anyone is ashamed of me and my message, the Son of Man will be ashamed of that person when he returns sayeth the Christ the redeemer of men's souls. A more credible person never walked the earth yet he was treated like an intruder, an unwelcomed guest in the world he had a hand in creating. He...
When I remind bloggers that it is so easy to form a post and then launch it, they do and then they do it again. They discover that they always knew how to but believed other wise. It is the same principal when learning to ride a bike. Its knowledge for life and if you haven't rode a bike for a wh...
True tales from my youth include; I used to get kicked, under the table (on both legs) all the time around the kids, guests and business meetings. First time it happened, I thought it was an accident. Somebody just stretching out. No Big Deal. After several times, I realized communication was com...
Two sellers, two buyers, an ActiveRain Rainmaker, two agents, a Real Estate attorney, a home stager, a home inspector, a property manager, pest control company, one Broker, an escrow officer, title officer and a lender all came together at the subject property to discuss the transaction.   IT GO...

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