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Yes to going to KINGS FISH HOUSE. It remains satisfying and fun and you may just be missing out on some fine dining out if you don't look into this soon or better yet...RIGHT AWAY. The large and detailed menu has something for everyone but more important than that is you have good food prepared w...
Blogs per month or BPM may just be the new "buzz" word. What are you up to now a days? Oh, about 30 BPM but I have had her up to 50 BPM and it held fine. The phone rang, the awareness increased and my electronic business cards deemed posts and comments were given out and planted. The good news is...
It is easy to share an experience, a business transaction and a personal story. Everyone does it. In between times however, blog pick-ins can become a little thin and far and few between. We all have visited the valley of the lost blog and suffered of post thirst while there. However, what if I t...
I visited a well known and respected web site the other day that I wanted to know more about their product and you first have to give your birthday to enter in. WHAT? I tried to go around it and couldn't...Well, I found a way out...I clicked out...bye bye...Missing K.I.S.S (keep it simple stup_ _...
If people aren't saying this you can be sure they are thinking it. It is universal in its application and thought and today more than ever, people want to know this and quickly too. Free was the traditional way to get someones immediate attention but we have learned that free doesn't always mean ...
It pays to reflect and also research the origins of things we take for granted and see today being used and having so much success. Many people are not aware that the Internet was not in demand when first created. It was used by a small few professional engineers and stayed and drifted to the way...
Build a better professional. Start with YOU. Any improvement made to YOU carries over nicely to your business, your personal relationships and results for all you are involved in. What we are doing when working on ourselves is including our hearts and letting them in on the process. This is wise ...
In business one day my boss of yesteryear came to me and said we are going to take turns working a Saturday. WHAT? I was always off Saturday and Sunday at that time in the eighties. We were doing second trust deed loans and the title companies would list you as a source for lending on their hot s...
PEARLS FOR GIRLS DATING WAITING & SEX...IN SEEKING CUPID...DON'T BE STUPID is over 100 chapters for girls- women ages 12-60 (plus) that are married, divorce, starting out or starting over and includes all circumstances in regards to the HEART of the matter. The subject commands no less and the bo...
I am always monitoring my online activities online. I GOOGLE myself and check the amount of hits, positioning and subject matter that comes up just like if someone was visiting with me for the first time and would do the same thing. Perhaps they are investigating, considering my services, wanting...

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