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You the person should be an ongoing piece of evolving work. Sorry, you are not able to stay the same or devolve unless you choose to do so but true and real life is not set up that way. You are to always be assessing the self, improving, critiquing, adjusting and eventually striving to be better ...
Whoa and slow down just a bit. WHY? Your passing up the sweet smell of flowers, the clouds waving to you as they go by, the sights and sounds of other life and your not seeing your like kind but instead your blinders are working and you went from three dimensional to one...You are too fixated on ...
I never cared much to see anyone anywhere mistreated or ignored. There is absolutely no reason to not apply the golden rule of treating others well as you go through life. At the minimum, don't hurt anyone and you have complied. I took it a step farther for clarity sake PEOPLE FIRST...THEN BUSINE...
How easy the public forgets and time helps that along. The biggest theft in the history of the United States was pulled off by Wall Street and their affiliates to the tune of a near trillion dollars during this last Real Estate cycle crash... WE GET ONE SHOT AT THIS... Not millions were taken...N...
Sara & Les Oswald, Kristin Hamilton, Richie Alan Naggar, Marisa Hunter, and Christina Hood all met up and talked Real Estate fluently and many other things too. Christina & Kristen both work for Keller Williams, Marisa for RE/MAX, Richie for Ran Right Realty and Sara & Les for Eastvale Team Realt...
Simplicity is actually your default state. People know how to do things (and when) without being told as a rule. It is when we all come together in large groups that some order or direction is needed to maintain the welfare or the common good for all IT CAN GET COMPLICATED Sometimes the rules are...
I don't know why people always pick REAL ESTATE to practice their conversation, opinions and beliefs on. Everyone I meet is a Real Estate expert so they think because they read or experienced some small aspect of it and then add their TWO CENTS to it they know it all. Their CENTS usually makes no...
  Over the centuries, man has pondered the vast, rich subject of mystery and wonder that surrounds us, is in us and travels with us and was here when got here. Our purpose, origin and the part we play continues to beckon to all...WHY?GOD I AM DO YOU KNOW HIM?I am speaking of intimacy on this subj...
Zillow is a good place to visit to get the awareness of Real Estate going. Its not accurate, licensed or could it possibly know about your specific piece of Real Estate. Remember, no two homes, areas or parcels of land and how they capture the elements are the same HELLO MR. ZILLOW? Is he in? Can...
You have to have a social security number period. Just a few short years ago, you were actually required to carry it in your wallet or purse with you at all times. Of course this became a problem when your wallet or purse was stolen PLASTIC PRESERVED IT Some people even laminated their cards whic...

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