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If it is to move a deal forward, I am in. Just tell me the downside, then the upside and exactly what it is I am committing to ahead of time. If not, then a couple of things will happen. One, I may have to stop and then study what I am signing and then go into Q & A or.... IGNORANCE BREEDS FEAR I...
Yes to this little bit of heaven recipe for filling and satisfying food that is part dessert, part main course and all good. Vegetarians will go wild for this as it promotes the being full feeling, activates all the necessary "taste" buds and has short and long term good health benefits    First,...
When I was a kid growing up, the surest way to get into a fight planned for or not was to talk about someones mother. It doesn't matter what was said either as much as you even brought her up. Someones mom was none of your business and that started the pushing, shoving and even swinging in some c...
I read something the other day having to do with someone downloading a useful application and within it was encoded a secret agenda of some sort by the software developer. While you, the down loader gets the benefit of the free application, the software developer gets....? WHAT IS GOING ON? Their...
By results. Two words that tell it like it is and like it isn't, clearly, precisely, and are not a respecter of persons, places, business or things either. You either have something that produces or it does not produce. Your loving it has nothing to do with it. Its really whether the end user lov...
Funny how one persons beliefs can be another's windfall. I am talking about how we communicate with each other, when and if it is consistent. On and off again may suit the person doing it but the one who needed you when you decided to be OFF called someone who was ON BRANDING TAKES PLACE WHETHER ...
Does this still go on? I mean with the introduction of smart phoning which brings emails, texts and phone calls to wherever you are, why would anyone have to be anywhere specifically? Help me understand this if you will REMEMBER THIS? I have done both. I sat at a desk for decades and put in offic...
I will instead be your tour guide for this product. I have knowledge that is pertinent and relevant and can also answer all your questions before, during and even afterwards too. Consultations for me are standard practices whether you do business with me or not RELAX AND ENJOY THE TRANSACTION I a...
You are examined and questioned about it. That's why the prisons are full. People questioned someones actions and behaviors and found them so wanting that criminal charges were filed. Another arena that causes one to sober up quickly in is the civil arena. When you get called into this, its not g...
Who do I see? Tom Arstingstall flooring it coming up behind me in ranking. I never seen it coming as I was watching Elizabeth Weintraub in front of me and then Kathleen Daniels in front of her. Of course all of us are watching everyone else while we conduct our blogging affairs TOM EXCELS? I shou...

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