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On September 21st 2013, I was visited by ZILLOW undercover agents who were gathering data in regards to their future growth and potentials. They found out about me because I was an ACTIVERAIN active blogger. A RAINER! Someone hire up said...find out what you can from this guy...Here is the origi...
Perception makes you aware of something going on and reality does the same. Yet, there is a difference. Perception involves your thinking and reality really just tells you what is going on. One gives thought and the other input. Often people make decisions based on perception. THE CUSTOMER'S PERC...
Leave everyone on a positive note. Here is the premise. You never know what is going on with the other person that is causing them to not be all they could be. Furthermore, you may never see this person again either. Another thought is that someone may need your talent or skill to help them to th...
It gets a little tricky now a days when shopping when it comes to certain items. Boxes appear big but the innards are small. Packaging, which was designed to protect the product and then market it branched out and now can deceive too. Its not too blatant but it is out there. You have to be a smar...
Having a garage sale? I have seen many variations of this. Some people just roll out their stuff to the driveway, set up a table and chairs, get a drink and wait and see what happens while others go all out advertising in advance, having their pricing ready, their items all set-up and I have even...
Now, because of the larger ACTIVERAIN picture, we have to look each other literally in the eye when posting, blogging and commenting here in ACTIVERAIN-LAND. I like it. It helps make it more personal and I believe will influence the commenting process for the better. If someone gives into temptat...
It happens to everyone of us. When you get in a hurry, the lights appear too long, the traffic becomes slower and you start judging everyone on how they drive THEIR car instead of driving yours. If you are not in a hurry, its another world of peace and harmony where all get along. I have practice...
If you don't get a handle on your own insecurity and vanity, then someone else will and usually it is not to the persons liking either. Its your vulnerable spot, unfinished business that visited with you early on and is now at home in you interfering with your carefree life and existence. It is n...
I never realized I was squinting all this time until now. NO MORE! I get to SEE all my favorites faces and more without any effort when blogging, commenting and posting. Being larger than a thumb looks good on everyone. If that doesn't make you blog happy, being able to like and follow as well as...
Dream all you want. Wish away and the sky is the limit. Hope for the best. However, at some point, the most effective, guaranteed, down to earth, works every time, is when you take it all, whatever ALL is and put forth energy into it, then stand back and behold what will visit with you next. RESU...

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