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A Mr. Dell Roberts with over 35 years of experience as Grand Marshal of the Black History Parade & Expo will be in Riverside Ca on February 8th 2014. The event starts at 10;00 a.m. This is an ongoing celebration that includes... Parades, car shows and of course food, fun and events. The emphasis ...
The word "buyer" means something and is not to just a word to throw around and play with. Its fullness suggest that you represent that you can perform and are in that launch mode. The mode consists of a few certified steps LOOKY LOO BEGONE WITH YOU The word "certified" is so appropriate here. It ...
Tag-lines or slogans also a form of branding remain powerful in the world of marketing. We are inundated with them everywhere you go, touch or visit with. I am not going to give examples. Just look around. Newspapers, magazines, advertisements, retail places, online activity, business cards, and ...
I like points and when they first came into my life, they commanded respect. When you find out what they can do or represent, it becomes a way of keeping a blogging score for your self and on others too. After you hit 500,000 points however, what is the point after that? BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT I ha...
That's the problem with every post now a days. They do not engage, invite or request the input, feedback and participation from the reader. The reader, just like the consumer wants to know what is in it for them. Without "them", we become a talking headUNIQUE BUT THE SAME?We are all so different ...
I recently did an open house scheduled for an auction and ran into a casual investor. The business plan they were using was based on a simple formula of short term gain principals. They buy a piece of property, make minimal repairs and then flip it for a return. WHY? TO MAKE A BUCK The answer the...
There are still quite a few foreclosures out there where the borrower in default has not paid on the mortgage for years...yes plural. It makes you wonder what the lender or the investor is thinking? I ran into one just yesterday that will go four years easy WE KNOW NOW.... Banks are not business ...
 Just how is a team formed? What are the dynamics? How do they sustain, and what is expected? Two heads (or more) can be better than one if they fine tune the relationship and then focus on the matter at hand. Let's explore this..this concept called TEAMS FORMING- STORMING- NORMING- PERFORMING Fo...
A WORD TO THE WISE. The two key points in the title are the 'word' and the "wise". If one recognizes what is being said as beneficial, then wise kicks in automatically. If one doesn't, then the "word" cannot complete its cycle. It goes elsewhere looking for someone that can appreciate it LEARN FR...
I met a woman in the course of my business day who I inquired to about a rental. Her first impression was a good one and when she responded, it got better. Within seconds we had a dialog going and a pleasant exchange of worth and value took place. But wait, there is more... REAL IS PLEASANT TO BE...

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