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This is a selective place to stay in and only the chosen get the privilege. Lenn Harley has it set-up so that if one of her clients has to have a place to stay during a transaction scheduled to close, she lets them stay in her home. Yes, you heard me right. Its not in the Realtor code of ethics, ...
When I was a kid, you don't know the obvious things but you will in time. The question is what will it cost to learn them and when of course. Take learning to ride a bike. It is rewarding when things are going well but you have to be prepared for the falling off part. When I fell, I scraped a kne...
I have seen swirls, lines, ups and downs with curly q"s and emphasis of all kinds when watching people sign their names. I for one sometimes cannot make out the signature to the written one. A scribble where it says sign assumes that it is you the one named below. In a dispute, this can become di...
I went to Traders Jo's and bought some cornbread mix. Its good stuff and very easy to use. You go home, get the one egg, 1/2 cup of oil and cup of milk beat it all up and then put it in a greased pan and 40 minutes later, coming out of your oven is a golden brown, sweet smelling hot delicious cor...
Collusion between two people against another is more common than you believe. How do we know this? When there are laws in effect, or small print in contracts that specifically say what is or is not allowed be assured they exist because of ongoing problems that have to be reeled in. That's how you...
Two things continue to always come back to haunt a Real Estate agent consistently that I have seen over the years. The first one is that they have clients sign documents that are not filled out or not filled out correctly. At the time, even the client is hesitant but proceeds in good faith becaus...
That's what is in demand is data. Data runs the show. Research and investigation has always been with and among the human being. People want to know about people and for different reasons too. Employers need to know, divorcing spouses want to know, marketing people have to know and we are the one...
For all you Charles Dickens fans, lovers of Christmas, righteousness, a good heartfelt and meaningful story, a fun read, turning hard hearts into glad ones and marrow food for the soul, here now is one of the popular recent release in the PEARLS SERIES of books entitled...the EPILOGUE OF EBENEZER...
Motivation. What a an important word and action. You need it to just get out of bed. To go anywhere, do something, you have to have a reason coupled with a drive. Going to the market, movies, your neighbors house, work, play or hobbying, one has to have the WANT TOO these things and willing...
Not just the buying or the selling kind, but how you do business. What are some of things you stand for and stand up for? There are many ways to do business. Often ethics is over-looked in advertising and marketing but that is the core of the transaction. Trust runs the show along with honesty an...

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