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Guilt is a friend to the human. It is a accurate indicator of a wrong choice being called to your attention. For this, we can thank the mechanism we call conscience. A reliable friend that when listened to will help you travel for the better and keep your troubles to a minimum. It operates on the...
Cooperate! Follow instructions and listen up. The police are well-trained, by the book graduates in their chosen field who have to account for most everything they do. Procedures, regulations, codes and the law is what guides them in addition to special instructions. When they are investigating, ...
Does anyone allow anyone to just come over and view a home for sale anymore? The answer is YES if it is an open house. All are welcomed. However, other than that, isn't the market today based more on performance rather than possibility of sale? I believe so. Can you perform invites transparency o...
All my property owning clients are convinced of one sure thing and that is that professional management is worth every penny in the short and long term any way you look at it. If you poll the tenants under my supervision, they would tell you that being treated a certain way is expected and apprec...
I like to ponder which is to reflect and consider through observation or when something is presented. Perhaps that is why people enjoy sunsets or sunrises, looking out over a body of water or enjoying Forests or Mountain views. These living dynamics cause us to appreciate what is in that moment a...
Just what did this famous character created by Charles Dickens in the story "A Christmas Carol" do from Christmas day on until his death? He lived for another twenty five years and in that time period caused many changes to take place that history records well. How many were attributed to him? TE...
Who really knows? Lets have some general discussion. In Real Estate, low interest rates are a strong message to sellers, buyers and investors etc. to make Real Estate moves literally. In Technology, expect continued leaps and bounds in breakthroughs especially in the smart phone arenas followed b...
He Has helped us. The plan of salvation for ones soul through repentance which is the asking and granting of a change of heart and beliefs together with humility powered by faith with large doses of grace and mercy is in place. THANK GOD it is. Now, all we have to do is accept it. I am reminded o...
I had a promotion going where if you buy one PEARLS SERIES of books, you get another FREE. It was a big beautiful sign that was made to catch the attention of a person from as much as 6 feet away. Your eyes lock on the words FREE and then it is my hope that you come toward the source and we do go...
Come see us live at downtown Riverside Festival of Lights near the famous Mission Inn now until Christmas eve. I will be signing all books, exchanging heartfelt stories and together, we can summon all the happiness and prosperity to be ours now and into next year too Our Christmas special is buy ...

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