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HOW WOULD I KNOW? I am not calling you or your pet a liar. But that is how people take it when you start talking negative about their pets when it comes to rental property. Their pets are their children. FINE. However, the deposit is higher when children or pets are involved because of wear & te...
KNOCK-OUT DROPS! I wrote about this subject in my book PEARLS FOR GIRLS DATING WAITING & SEX...IN SEEKING CUPID...DON'T BE STUPID  a woman centered book with over 100 chapters in favor of the feminine experience and it bears repeating and emphasis constantly. WHY? Because it is on the rise, bein...
I will share my own life experience as it relates to up-sizing, downsizing and side-way sizing, renting and owning from start to current. We begin where I lived at home and shared a room with my younger brother. I used it only for sleeping because as a teen and young adult, I was rarely home. The...
In part 1, I describe my encounter with a vicious huge neighborhood dog that likes to kill and does not back down. Left alone during the day outside, it kept itself busy by challenging anything or body that even came near the house. We would later fight to the near death REPAIR MAN FOUGHT FOR HI...
We had one of these in our neighborhood but it is now gone. While it was here, it was a terror even locked up and within a yard too. It hated anyone that approached it without the owner being around. No owner meant you were going to be PREY and not just a little bite here or there BRUTAL AND FIE...
Fascinating little subject matter. What are we really saying? Are we wanting something and this is the positive attitude to help it along? Or, is it a regret statement when looking back over the shoulder at the parts we played and didn't play? If one is to truly wish, where do we begin? HEALTHY W...
Someone came to me today and said remember so and so and I said yes of course. Then, I said, I remember the time that person came over and we all spent time together. Well, she died! Now death is not shocking to me because we all die and that is another posting. What was shocking? She committed s...
They are out there! WHO? People who make trouble. Who take nothing and turn it into something. These are the mountain makers who use molehills to stir the dissension pot round and round. A small matter usually forgettable will be their opportunity to make noise that disrupts, distracts and can ca...
Do not hold back your input, feedback and contribution when it comes to participating in life and all that it brings about. We are born naturally to ask, seek, knock on doors to have them open to be investigated. It is no accident that you are a self-contained mobile unit either NOW GET TO IT I ...
People need a place to lay down their heads at the end of the day. That is how simple it is. Centuries ago, if you traveled and came across an Inn, that was your stopping point instead of camping out. Then, onward to your destination. However, when you reach the traveled point, where do you stay?...

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