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I got a call from a potential buyer for a high end product. The person doesn't have an agent, but has a desire to want to navigate into the Real Estate world. The person is intelligent, charming and courteous and that's great for the opening lines of contact. Now as to why you are calling, we hav...
WHEN WILL MEN COME ABACK AGAIN is the latest release in the PEARLS SERIES of Books dealing specifically with male issues; the causes as well as the cures and everything in between that hampers the growth and development of the male to manhood journey. Silence on this subject affects us allHEAR YE...
Why do these three have permission to co-exist? The simple answer is so that we can choose one and discard the others. However, what appears to be sense to one may not be sense to another. The subjective sense while allowed has to be tested and found not wanting. It will eventually lead to neutra...
I am talking about communication. All forms from breath to breath to global shout-outs and yes, even our phishing messages into outer space that we hope someone will answer. Nothing gets done anywhere unless we communicate it. How we communicate is another good subject too. The point is, it runs ...
The rite of passage or the setting up of the youth to enter into the next phase of growth, being, and responsibility has been injured, neglected and perverted causing many a good boy to go astray as well as young males never attaining or achieving manhood. Random or "dys" function is not the best...
Look at anything when wanting to get started and you won half the battle. How? If you can see it, then all that remains is to inquire further and then to activate it. Whatever is presented to you within your little sphere of travel is not happenstance but opportunity. We have the ability to seek ...
Businesses no longer have the one way street or the mighty "my way or the highway" position that they once enjoyed. NO. Today, if someone doesn't like the business for whatever reason valid or not, they can fight back via the Internet. The word of mouth goes into cyberspace! The business has a ch...
As we travel through life, this little dynamic visits with us and will not take no for an answer. It requires a choice and many have trouble with it. Taking a side on something involves risk and can range from being popular to being condemned. What makes it even more compelling are the subjects t...
The minute one summons the BELIEF of defeat, it will be done to them as quickly as the belief can deliver it up. A nano second, a wisp of time even faster than thought, beliefs govern all outcomes of the human journey and its results or lack of them. If one gives up, what follows is the proof af...
Step on a crack, break your mothers back. As kids, we used to walk down the street and someone would yell this and then we would all be careful NOT to step on a crack thus the game. Cracks were/are everywhere and they served as a game for us kids. Fast forward to owning a home and discovering a c...

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