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In certain situations of buying and selling most anything, if buyer and seller dont have more than just a greeting going for them, the situation, whatever it is will lack a vital ingredient namely a confidence or value that is not being utilized to its fullest potential. If you are selling someth...
Note that in Real Estate, everyone wants to win. The problem lies in the amount of the WIN. One party wants more than the other but the reverse of this is true as well. So, hurdle number one is to agree on a price and lock that in. So far so good. Then, onward to the contingencies which leads us ...
Hold the story! If we are in the marketplace of buying and selling, lets keep the connection to that and not get into too much tangent or distraction. Entertainment in the Real Estate industry is not a good way to spend your time or your money. Ignorance is costly and results come to those who co...
Wanting to go through life with a companion to make life extra special is a healthy thinking. Ladies, in PEARLS FOR GIRLS DATING WAITING & SEX...IN SEEKING CUPID...DON'T BE STUPID book, I emphasize how one must find their own personal happiness first and then share or compliment it with someone e...
Everywhere I go, I see people looking down at their phones non-stop and unaware of what is going on outside their little hand-held worlds. Amazing if you stop to think about it. I cannot recall anything that has or was able to garner this much attention from people non-stop. People willingly take...
Instead of making your day a mission based one, make it one where you are touring the surroundings while coming and going. Be aware of things outside of your field of vision. Pick anything and it becomes the focus of your world and most worthy to have been seen. Slow down long enough to see that ...
There is no perfect escrow or circumstances that one can say with surety how things will come out. The next best thing is experience, knowledge, check-off, and confirmation but if you have been around a while, you discover what they refer to as PROBLEMS. Not to fear but to pause instead and enter...
For those of you out there that haven't discovered the site called ACTIVERAIN, well you are missing out just a little bit if you surf the net, enjoy posting, blogging and commenting and upping your game whatever that may be. Social or professional, this site has much to offer just from first glan...
What do think its worth? That's what I overheard people saying when trying to come up with a price and a outcome for a custom home that was getting ready to come into the market place. I had did some homework to see how the price per foot for the area was doing. How long to sell is crucial data a...
I have seen ethics stretched like taffy as I traveled through the Real Estate industry over the years. I have seen it up close and from a distance too. Wherever there are large sums of money to be made or handled, human nature is put on notice. Either we help steward it along or help ourselves to...

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