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It is easier to create an identity than to find the true one. The REAL YOU is where all the inner treasure is hidden while the temporary, false, convenient and cool identities only provide a minimum of return and satisfaction and all that goes toward your ego not your soul.HAVE THIS?In order to h...
CLICK. This either gets you in or out of the blogging world. The world of cyberspace & online traveling and it begins with a log-in. From there, you now enter into a virtual world that excludes some of your senses while honoring the rest. Here, we have alternative Universe which if you tried expl...
The recent little tumble on Wall Street that has things going every which way is doing more than meets the eye. Traditionally, investors who are looking for large rate of returns and who also like to compound their earnings when they can go back and forth from the stock market to Real Estate (wit...
08/28/2015 it the other way around? Analysis paralysis leads to sinking in your thinking? What in the world does this mean says one and another says that is so true. So that we all get on the same page during this post visiting, let's expand a little bit more these seven little words that pack wallo...
It is a strong, healthy type of relationship similar to a friendly, faithful glue and exists in many fields of practice between the practitioner and the receiver of services whatever they be binding them for a designated period of time. Called Fiduciary in its highest form, this trust is sacred a...
We first come into the world needing all the cuddling, nurturing and attention so as to reach a certain point until our inner, personal, compass is activated. Then, we marvel at what we can do and how we are able to do it. Youth comes with anything goes dynamics that of course, must be tamed, ref...
A brilliant one of a kind package was formed and put together for everyone that is loaded with all the necessary data to complete a successful and satisfying journey here on earth during your short stay. Its like those lunches mom used to pack as you went off to school as a kid. It had what you w...
Human beings have the capacity to dream and then put legs on those dreams and the next thing you know, we have created what we believe to be our want or need. Living in America makes this easier to do as the world already knows. Finding what we do well, the passion driven existence is worth looki...
I don't care what profession you are in, you are practicing it on other people. We are in the people business practicing whatever we choose. Fail this, forget it or mitigate it and something happens that escapes many people. Your truest reward, the what was in it for you, is now replaced with som...
This is a subject worth looking into for hidden within the subject matter is the reason why you are here. Imagine that you are the guest of a King and you have the run of his palace and premises every day you are there to enjoy without interference. Shouldn't one seek out their Host at some point...

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