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Our senses are all engaged along with thoughts and emotions when introduced to a person, place or thing and the experience of it all is being processed and inputted beyond our capacity to regulate or even assist. This system runs on its own and feeds back to us forming an impression of the famous...
As we, as individuals go about our daily business living our lives, this is as it should be. This little self-contained unit called (your name here) has events pop up on its radar and they become our focus for a short period of time. Then, we address it all, wrap things up, power down and settle ...
Know anyone who is stingy, greedy, selfish and has the power to stay that way? Want them to know where that conduct is going, why and what to do about it? The question of whatever happened to Ebenezer Scrooge in Charles Dickens classic story of A CHRISTMAS CAROL is now answered in detail before, ...
What a sad state of affairs for some pockets of life in the many cities all over the world some safer than others while certain places have statistics that make you wonder causing you to have fear and caution. Roaming at will are opportunists, people who are poor in spirit and looking for anythin...
My first real job into the world of making a true living and starting a career was to work in a Real Estate office that did property management, loans, appraisals and construction. For learning experience, it was a dream job. I knew nothing going in except to do what I was told to do and I did so...
I am not speaking about buying a home and paying for it over time. NO. I am speaking of having purchased a property and then paid it off in its entirety. In simple terms NO MORE MORTGAGE payments. Nearly 30% of your income goes to your mortgage payment in an average situation. Imagine that gone a...
If this doesn't sell for this price, you're not doing your job. The first time, I had a seller who was so emotional and dead-set on unrealistic pricing who told me that if this home doesn't sell, it will be my fault. I quickly responded that if it didn't sell, the problem lies elsewhere not with ...
I just watches a NOVA special on Sinkholes that had my eyebrows up in the air. They start out the episode with a true, documented video footage of a normal home such as yours with several family members living there calling it a night when about 11:00 p.m when they hear a hideous scream from one ...
I gave out a reference the other day for some tenants that pay rent to me in some property that I manage. It was agreed ahead of time that I would do this. You see I found out that the owner was planning to sell the property in 2-3 months from now and my first thought was to give as much notice t...
Ever since William Shakespeare gave us "To thine own-self be true", it had the potential to become a new compass point, a destination to not only seek out but to arrive at. This journey that I am alluding to is an inner one and time spent here is rewarding and satisfying. To know oneself is the b...

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