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This applies to everything and was here before we got here and will be here after we leave. Everyone gets introduced to this in their own timing too. Adding effort to anything is investing into something and whatever is being worked will end up working for you. The best example to make the point ...
What are you selling? The more traditional way of putting this question is "what do you do for a living"? How about "what is your profession or livelihood? The point is that we do give and we do take and we need to do this as it is not practical for one person to do all things. We must outsource ...
Young boys, adults and undeveloped grown males may not be running at full potential simply because of the rite of passage not being handled correctly as is the case in the majority of the males entering into life and then society. While parents or the authorities in question remain accountable, t...
By now, many people have found the satisfaction and skill to be able to log-in, enter into their favorite cyberspace place and either comment, post or blog. It is sort of like entering a room with a bunch of business cards or flyer's in your hand eager to give them out while greeting and meeting ...
For those that own a home, and by that I mean they are making payments as an owner, they not only get the physical and material rewards that come with such a large and personal purchase but they also have the invisible attributes and pay-offs as well. There is something about claiming a permanent...
A bunch of people, for whatever reason, decide to board a ship for unknown lands. They hope for the best but were immediately introduced to the worse. Sick sickness, scurvy, cold, poor diets, cramped quarters, lack of exercise, hopelessness and despair all visit in quantity. At some point, and af...
TRAVERSING LIFE IN POETRY & GLIMPSES book is now available for your poetry loving pleasure brought to you courtesy of the PEARLS for the SOUL series of books editor & Publisher Kathleen Marie Brown. Ahhh poetry. It lives within our hearts waiting to express it self and with just a little nudge or...
It is a glimpse of the post writers life, viewpoint and understanding of how they think and operate is what a post is. It can be professional or personal  in its sharing. The personal ones dig a little deeper and have more distance to them while the professional ones function and perform. Behind ...
In A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens story of a mans greed and all the damage it does remaining the definitive example to make the point of a fallen human nature in story form. Dickens was challenged at the time to preach the message but cautious to leave out religiosity which could keep many fr...
Role is defined as the part or function played in any given situation that is not limited to just human experiences either. All of life plays a role some unassuming while other vital and obvious but the roles being played out are essential. What is your role and do you have more than one? Yes ind...

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