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A cup of kindness. Let this cup come overflowing from you and then be offered to another while they take their cup and offer it as well. This is a worthy toast and drink of which we can all drink deeply and with a satisfaction too. Why? Because it is in us to give as well as receive and we come f...
To reflect on a years end, the years worth of tilling life and reaping its rewards has an additional bonus to it. We lived it and in the living of it, it is now part of who we are and what we think and what will become from it. This is the way of life which is to live it while it unravels right b...
I just hate to be a party-poo-per but someone has to do it. A contrast and a word must be presented in all things so as to help promote a wholesome balance and or choice of the occasion or event. People become susceptible to suggestion, persuasion and the subtle evil of them all... peer pressure ...
I have known about this for years. I stumbled upon it during the last recent Real Estate crash when the cycle was midway and then finally crashing hard taking tens of million of homeowners with it down, down some more, and then finally out. People were saying that every other home on their block ...
We all know what a fact is. A statement based on truth will suffice. Imagine or picture someone saying to another "isn't it a fact" and then making a statement? It requires an answer or the point stands as fact. Fact is where it all ends up but what to do with facts? They have a purpose and a pla...
Real Estate is a big deal on its own. So is buying a car, a room full of furniture, remodeling or buying appliances etc. Anywhere where big money is about to be spent, it is wise to give full attention to the deed and make sure that this is what you or the person wants and then to go about realiz...
Just a decade or two ago, there was no bottled water industry to speak of. Selling water when you can get it at home, at a drinking fountain or in your favorite drink was ridiculous to even consider. Ah, but when you introduce something to the economically driven systems of America, and it catche...
I watched this movie called The Greatest Story Ever Told yesterday. It is the story of the Christ. If you stop to just consider the title, and all it has to live up to, it is the most daring statement to make if there is a minutiae of doubt in its claim. After all, to state that this story is the...
One day, a long time ago, four wise Real Estate agents were on their way to a big city with dreams to set-up offices and conduct business. They traveled far & wide with the hope and expectation that once they arrived, and after they got settled in, business would start to come to them. This was r...
I like Star Wars. I have seen them all and enjoyed them when they came out. Yes to the flaws, inconsistencies, less than stellar performances and story-lines. Those things didn't stop me from having a good time. They still don't. Now, that being all said, let me let you in on a little secret that...

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