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On the local MLS, you have options to go public with the property by checking a box. If you decline, then fine, and a little form signed by your seller may or may not be required. But here is the point I would like to raise. What I put into the local MLS is accurate and subject to my updates and ...
No one knows it all. There are some who specialize in certain areas and have a jump on the subject matters but they will be the first to tell you that they don't know it all. Why? Because everything is always subject to change, evolving and adapting to what is necessary in the moment. Yesteryear ...
A type of DRIVE! The power behind all effort. What is the driving force that once someone has made a decision, that action is fueled and propelled by an energy born in choice called it empowerment. That energy is humble and simple in its beginnings and it also goes by even a more common name. It ...
Just because it is a healthy Real Estate market, interest rates are low, and buying a home to begin living the American way of life by building wealth as we work doesn't mean that everyone can do this. In fact, you wont get any argument from people on the concept of buying. Its just that they are...
There is nothing like it. A lot of the feelings that register when considering buying Real Estate are not able to be put into words. They exceed the emotions, thoughts and all considerations making for a state of well-being that is its own reward. The idea that the little world you wake-up to dai...
In the world of first contact, where the first step is crucial to the way the journey forms and takes shape, the very first contact made, in any form, is telling. Behind every action is the spirit of it and often we read into or out of something to get the feel or meaning of what is taking place....
It is the promised land of Real Estate. This is where sellers, buyers, investors, agents and any other services involved in a transaction all look forward to and the sooner the better. Close of escrow. I like the way it sounds & the path to it is different every-time. Imagine that? Same destinati...
To put life in a good or bad arena is not a fair assessment. Life is bigger than good or bad, happy or sad, and right or wrong. These choice or points view have been with us for centuries and influence us today in almost everything. I say, come if you will but I will determine what is or is not t...
Sellers and buyers. When you see this sign and then act on it, know that a transaction is forthcoming. Sellers, be prepared to move, make forward arrangements and have fun deciding on what to do and where to go from here. Buyers, start packing and getting real excited as you begin the purchasing ...
Get an agent! Today, more than ever, agent participation is a must because Real Estate while simple in theory is a complicated business requiring contracts, inspections, monies and committed players. The fact that it is NOT a do-over activity ups the game stakes considerably. I know what the aver...

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