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An underwriter who sits at their desk all day and processes their requests has half of it right. The other half is what is really going on, why and how. Some lenders tend to believe that their part takes whatever it takes and it is over when it is. So be it. However, lets explore a couple of rele...
Scanning/tracking is the post subject matter. Decades ago, when checking out at the local super market, they would have a checker that manually/physically put in the marked grocery you were purchasing. It was like an adding machine & when finished, the checker would say how much you owed. Scannin...
Watching my neighbor have some work performed one day on his house, I had a chance to notice the workman. My house is situated in such a way that I can see quite a bit. The workman was there on a Saturday & Sunday for 10 hours & never missed a beat. He worked hard without supervision tooSELF-EVID...
What first goes through your mind when sighting the post title is the standard money being invested and how it should not only come back, but with interest or a "return" on the investment not just the investment itself. What about when someone invests their time? Don't they get a return on that t...
It is interesting to have to get to know someone right away and because you have to. Think about this. In Real Estate, a bunch of strangers get together rather quickly and have to learn about working with each other to realize a goal or a rather large, one time accomplishment AND successfully I m...
What many do not know or even realize is that when taking on something new and different, the challenge of the unknown is to be respected but not feared. In time, and soon enough, what was new will become familiar and the discovery process once again will pay off to the ones who took the risk. Bu...
This was said to me when I was conducting professional business as a rebuke. I was putting into effect my savvy of four decades in Real Estate and all the related industries including 20 years in the courts and I grant you that upon hearing some of my approaches, it would make you pause. However,...
The CORE is the central part or the heart of something. Its the motherboard, HQ, and command center. It is here that you, whoever that is, lives, operates and processes all that input/feedback that comes in daily non-stop & be advised, the core never sleeps, shuts down or rests. Amazing if you st...
I am finishing up a Real Estate transaction that was similar to a roller coaster ride only it had more ups and downs and went on for weeks until it stopped and let everyone get off. Whew! It is prudent to point out that Real Estate in and of itself is relatively easy if handled right. In the hand...
Start-up in anything usually takes a hard investment. It is money to be spent according to planning with the intent of getting a return on not only the funds, but on time spent too. Its similar to the principal of "if you want to do business, you must be in business". This "outgo" ($$) at first l...

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