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There is a difference between hard and complicated. Defining them will help us see the applications more clearly. HARD: requiring a great deal of endurance or effort above the ordinary. COMPLICATED: consisting of many interconnecting parts or elements with possible intricate effort required. Many...
When you enter into a business or service, right there are the promises of the owner, manager or the people in charge and at work. If these same people use marketing and advertising, then it will be suggested or promised ahead of time as to what one can expect as they come toward the offering. Ke...
Messrs Cruz and Mr. Kasich have decided to team up but not to become better Presidential nominees NO. Instead, they are going to do to another candidate what congress does to each other and ultimately the American people. They are using stop order tactics, stonewall dynamics and the heart of this...
Its the obvious. What is presented before you. Your personal radar, which tracks everything is never off-line. Your processing center is always at work without your permission doing its job which is to feedback to you what is going on as it applies to you. From there, your ability to add a why , ...
You saved your money. Perhaps your parents. employer, or friend (s) are in support of helping you get established and to help set you up to raise a family. You have heard and are convinced that buying is a sound move and you want to make that move and receive the benefits that come with tradition...
You don't have to be licensed to buy/sell Real Estate. I run into people all day long that claim it, comment steadily about it and have all the answers plus reasons and stories on how it all works. It is the one industry that everyone says they know so much about. It makes you wonder then why do ...
This little subtle part of the human nature is alive & well in everyone & must be tamed & finally put down. When you become aware that your "honesty" levels are not answering to your character or rising to the respect of another, then yours needs some tweaking and maintenance. I am speaking about...
For those of you looking for a companion, someone to go places with and share, to enhance ones life journey and to make it a little more memorable and unique, I have some very good and obvious news for you. First, you may and can do this. It is available to all. Second, it is closer than you thin...
Who amongst us wants to be sold constantly on anything instead of being told first and then to buy? Being hawked at requires a taker, at the very least the pitchman must have a bait that sits on a hook and that requires having someone that has a want or a need of some sort. Yes to shopping and no...
Yes its true. We are all in the famous "rat race". If you don't agree, here is the definition to help you get it and not lean toward denial. RAT RACE: It is a way of life for which people are caught up in a fiercely competitive struggle for wealth, power or personal gain. It is at times exhaustin...

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