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Manhood is not a catchy word. It is more a state of existence of the highest order for a boy, young man and male to aspire and achieve to. You don't get to use the word and then it goes into action. It is the other way around. You do the work to become a man and the word MAN fits like a glove. WA...
With the word NO, thus began the fight for freedoms, liberty and the ability to live a life that others only could dream of. How did it begin is interesting and so simple but deep in principal. Some one told another what to do which was not to the common or mutual interest of both. They disagreed...
I just had a high priced rental come in to my hands. In addition to doing business, I always have an awareness to learn more about the current events, trends and supply and demand issues whenever I get a rental or a listing. This is what keep us as "go to' agents for our areas. Why? Because we kn...
It is now official that her email conduct was not appropriate and should have never taken place. What puzzles me is why she denied it when it first happened, try to delete incriminating emails and stonewalled cooperation until legal force had to be used. Not nice behavior for the former First Lad...
Well all across the United States of America, people who I don't even know are expressing the same thoughts and feelings as tens of millions of other people (and more) are in unison. There is no collaboration but instead, the unrest, injustice and hypocrisy of it all finally spilling over and peo...
As a property manager, I dislike rent increasing as much as I dislike firing someone. Those are my personal feelings on the matter. However, I am capable of carrying out instructions from the owners to increase the rent and I do. I also feedback to the them what took place after wards. Before tha...
I am the one that is up with any unusual little noise heard during the night time. You see I know the sounds of my own home after living in it for years. I know all the noise the house makes as it goes through the four seasons. I also know the wild life, the coming & goings of my neighbors and ev...
Amazing to observe now a days what is going on...on a mass scale. This has crept into the lives of everyone willingly and has increased steadily with no slowing down or deterrence of any kind. If this was a disease or an epidemic harmful to humans, we would all be dead by now. The culprit? In eve...
This is the greatest mystery for those that can appreciate it. A magnificent dynamic has gone full circle and only God can command changes on these levels. What was once began is now finished only to begin anew and fresh the Way it was and is intended to be. Work done that is unfathomable, that h...
Easier said than done these two words NO EXCUSES be. Interesting too depending on what side of the fence you are on when this comes up. If you are in pursuit of something or wanting a gain, then you are expecting NO EXCUSES when it is your turn to receive it. However, if you are providing a servi...

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