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With the Internet helping out and commenting on every subject imaginable, the random opinion levels for everything by everybody will rise with it. It is a self-educating system that works via a beck and call system which exceeds studying, enrolling or structure of any kind. If one wakes up and wa...
We are motion machines and at times, we don't want to either turn it off or we let it run on automatic causing stress, unrest, willfulness and one other fatalistic dynamic that creeps and seeps into your private life sphere. It is the simple fact that we allow life to become a blur where all thin...
I am reading where major cities are not ready for a recession or shift in their current economies. They have little or no reserves and services will come into question should the economy tilt, hiccup or adjust. Remedies are to raise sales taxes to help offset the declines making the ordinary fami...
How do you make sense? I am speaking of common sense, or the default in every person that guarantees specific outcomes when used. If you don't use this practical gift, be prepared to journey harder instead of smarter and become a graduate of the school of hard knocks. What is it that prevents or ...
This is not a typo or misspelling. This is where your agent skates on by and doesn't do the job intended. What happens is that all suffer because of this and whatever results that were expected go on hold. Time now enters into the mix and the famous deal killer of all kicks in. You waste peoples ...
There are certain subjects that escape me entirely. Some of them are things I don't know about because I had little or no exposure to it and other subjects I could care less about knowing. Both come under being ignorant to the first timer and I am at peace with it. What I don't know, I don't know...
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 A little something for you for visiting with me today. I made it short and sweet but fun and I do hope it inspires you to do one for yourself. It is a time-out, a small reminder of something that deserves respect i.e. your time and the quality of it not the quantity. Life's little laughs remain ...
Lets not dispute that an agent brings value to the transaction. This is beyond discussion. Its like anything else needed or wanted by a consumer. We seek out what is the best product, service or way to proceed and then we do so. Money buys us different levels of results as in you get what you pay...
How important is breathing? The beating of your heart? The ability to get up and go? Character missing on any human being is not a pretty sight to behold or experience. If we were to learn one thing in this brief journey here on earth, let it be on how to live correctly and not just exist but be ...

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