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Change is good. Trying something new and different for a change is also very good. Routine doesn't look good on humans although they can and will do it. Someone has to do routines or a chance for chaos could enter in. Think: steady as she goes. People like comfort, rest and consistency more than ...
Freedom from debt. To not owe anyone anything is not being beholden to them and there is something about that in the human psyche that plagues deep down within or rewards. It could be linked to keeping ones word of honor which if you go back in time was the most important value one person could g...
Why is it that when we list a property after having meetings, conversation, research, opinions and then finally the meeting of the minds where the definitive agreed to plan comes into play and then, when the plan is successful, as in house sold in record time, that it is cause to believe you got ...
This is about the conventions democratic & republican and is an observation. I am contrasting these with person (s) who attend informal gatherings, get-together and meet & greets and find it disturbing. When attending a personal party, I don't participate in gossip, name-calling, manipulation and...
Truth be told: Henry David Thoreau remains one of my favorites. You must do your self a good service and visit with this mans quotes and philosophies as they will enrich you and cause you great reason to pause and then admire the depth, breath and width of life and all its mysteries “How vain it...
I am not speaking of compromise. We will get to that dynamic shortly. I refer to giving in to something that is not what you really wanted but will do. For somethings, this may work. For other things, it leaves a big gap where the happiness and completeness was supposed to go. Are we put here to ...
The buying and selling of Real Estate is the one topic that everyone has something to say about some more than others. Its everywhere, its part of the American dream, it affects peoples lives and provides for the most basic necessity of all commonly known as shelter. It can reward or bury you dep...
These two can really bring out what is going on in someone and lets face it, there is a lot going on in everyone. Some of it people share and some of it stays hidden for whatever reasons. I don't do well in the shadows, with hidden agendas or just plain leaving others to try to figure me out. I p...
Stop and think about this for one moment. When something is offered for rent or for sale, unless stated other wise, it is legally, civilly and morally assumed habitable and ready for occupancy. Representation to this effect is the default with it not being habitable requiring a disclosure, caveat...
The "Buy low and sell high" mantra is now upon you sellers. This is it. It comes when it comes and it is here now. If you were planning on selling for top dollar, quick close with little or no hassle,  well pull the selling trigger and list with a Real Estate agent right now. You will then reap t...

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