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This is an interesting statement that if someone tells you this pay heed. If not, the next comment you may hear is that you may be out of your mind. Stop this before it gets worse and instead of taking the bait to argue or ignore, choose to come and command your own senses. This settles everythin...
Time is certainly money in the world of business. Why? Because when doing business, if you don't attend to your business, a rule pops up. Run your business or it will run you. What is necessary is to spend the time so that the return is guaranteed and the outcome predictable. Wasting time in the ...
I am reading that the worlds richest man went from being worth 75 billion dollars to now being worth 90 billion. I am going to ask a question that makes no sense but then, that is the point of the question. How does it feel to make 15 billion dollars more than you previously had. The answer? Ther...
I am not speaking of the one world of which we all live in but each visitors private little world that has been given to do with as they please called your life. That world is most definitely yours! Not only that, we are perfectly equipped to interact at some point with the unending mysteries, di...
All we have to do is get out of bed and somehow, an entire day is presented for us to do with as we please. Let this sink in. We go to beddy bye leaving one of the greatest mysteries and when we awake, like a loyal dog or friend, there is the dawn of the day once more beckoning a sweet invitation...
When entering something into the MLS, you have two sections that can be put to good use. The first section called Property Description is just that. A chance to market and advertise what you got and pitch to the world at large. You see that is what appears on the Internet. Not everyone puts that ...
I am reminded of the woman who frantically was looking all around her home for her reading glasses one day only to give up the search, sit down, dejected and full of failing and perplexity and finally lowering her head so that she could cup her face & cry and discovering the glasses sitting up th...
It is going to happen, has happened and continue to do so. In Real Estate, it is not uncommon to see multi-page documents, several of them that require initialing and signatures and that is just when we get started. After that comes several more, one after another until we reach the land of no mo...
I remember wanting to double end a deal because I had such a nice product and thought I would have no problem selling this right away. But keeping true to my fiduciary to the seller, if I got or get a serious inquiry from another agent, I will cooperate and take the deal if it meets my requiremen...
This is upon us all even though the young will ignore, dismiss and not be bothered with the subject but the subject has the final say. We take for granted how life is dished out moment by moment making it seem or appear longer than it is. Not only that, but life is meant to sip in the present ten...

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