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Any serious buyer with a professional agent knows that in today's world of Real Estate, if you want to be taken seriously by a seller and their agent, there are certain prerequisites necessary to send a credible message that simply says "I'm, a serious buyer". One of those important items is the ...
The debates once again allow us to revisit, reexamine and reevaluate the candidates running for the office of the President of the United States. Some things stand out quite clear over others that bear looking into at least with a pause approach. Both Clinton & Trump and the way they both got her...
All the different trades have their own shop talk also know as LINGO or that in common-ground of knowing what the other person means when they say or share an experience in the profession. I heard two electricians going at it the other day and while they understood the exchange, I stumbled here a...
You go into this bank and the people who work there make a big deal out of it. Its like a Broadway show with lots of movements, gestures, greetings and sayings with smiles that hang right off the faces for the first few seconds you enter. Live script, all rehearsed and play-acted designed with on...
I am speaking of the Wizard of Oz and the song that praises him quite well. We can learn from this that the Wizard has/had good word of mouth, excellent marketing and advertising and even has an exclusive business claim in Emerald City. He is the go to guy. We're off to see the Wizard is not so m...
I have seen this time and again. A owner wants to call the shots, handle everything and only needs to access the Real Estate network. They only want to pay a small fee to the agent and handle everything. This is a chance for that owner to make some money by saving money of which I totally underst...
Some new changes for the ACTIVERAIN Internet Network site have been rolled out and are about. I have had a chance to push, click & respond and there is an ease of use to it once you pass the learning curve which is slight and predictable. I see the beginning of greatness here. This is a good foun...
Yes its true. When I finally depart from this world of posting, commenting and blogging, I want all my subscribers to inherit my ACTIVERAIN points to be divided amongst them equally. Even if they didn't comment on my posts or offer a re-blog or a "like" but did subscribe, they get their share. Pl...
Our own Roy Kelley of whom I enjoy proposed a post memorial of a sort (that got featured) for those that were here today and gone tomorrow who lived out their cyberspace lives on and in ACTIVERAIN-land. I saw it as follows: Sort of like a ActiveRain cemetery?        Here is how my headstone reads...
At what point do you find a newborn fascinating in an intimate way meaning where you are moved to play a part or interact and be stimulated as well as to stimulate? I describe my introduction to this and my interactions and to me, this is one of life's true treasures to pause & ponder on. To gaze...

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