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When I was sitting (10 years) on grievance and professional standard panels and committees as well as being a presiding judge, in addition to learning and enhancing my own personal journey I became very much aware of others who either did not know, or did not care in regards to Real Estate licens...
A good read for both men and women in regards to the roles of mankind and what is not being addressed and why. The rite of passage, which is the maturing of the male to manhood, has been lost and interfered with. Learn to recognize and discard what doesn't work so that you may find what doesWHEN ...
If you haven't learned the fine art, the deep satisfaction and the ability to make everyone happy when it comes to give and take, then you are not living a full and meaningful life. I am speaking about compromise where everyone gets something as opposed to only one. Mutual satisfaction is a mustH...
The salt of the earth, the average homeowner that is or will be think and act differently then the ones that deal daily in this for one obvious reason. They don't know what professionals in the business know but they have an awareness to differing degrees as it suits them and from their point of ...
There was a time, and those times come and go, when agents and their buyers would tour several homes or not and at random, just submit offers to anxious sellers and their agents. No one complained and let the paperwork begin. Real Estate cycles affect that conduct as well as supply and demand. He...
What I am about to share is two miles high and four miles long. Let this sink in for a moment please. Do a little math in the head here. Then, they fly through the air, in force, with no known way to stop their agenda, flight or will. It is two inches long (again pause) and when its wings are spr...
I published this many moons ago and thought it was time to bring it up again. These two have entered into my psyche and my brain wires are now crossed. The only hope I have at times is if I see their pictures with the names but it still garners a pause. How about you?HERE WE GOThese are two ACTIV...
Okay you went and got licensed. Your in a regulated profession where you now have permission to conduct business and begin your career. However, one thing that will make a difference, that wont go away or be ignored is the people factor. You know those folks that everyone depends on for their liv...
This is the world we live in now. No longer is someones word taken as solid or considered deal worthy, but instead, a signature is required, money to boot and contracts to perform follow. Same with just about everything today. You must prove who you are, what you want to do and how you are going ...
This gene is in everyone. You are born with it but are not aware of it. As you mature, you suddenly, without realizing, become self-centered, wanting, needing & then pursuing what is in it for you wherever you go & in everything you do. What can I say? We are surrounded by activities, distraction...

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