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There are people who do this and get criticized for it. Then, there are people who don't do this and suffer from it. What is the middle ground here? How does one say or promote what they do and at the same time keep the "I" do this and "I" do that from becoming a boast? The art of marketing shou...
Remember when you stood in a line for something and how you wanted to get to that point of having your turn for whatever is being offered or the reason why you stood or got in the line to begin with? The thought process was simple. You wanted something and you went to go get it. Whatever was invo...
The unexpected is often an eye opener to people who are running on automatic. If something pops up out of the ordinary or realm of their repetitive approach to the world of living, a mild shock takes place and we refer to it as a surprise, karma, happenstance, comeuppance, "accident", measure or ...
What could be so hard as to find out who owns a property and then proceeding with the sale transaction? It works with just about anything really. Are you the owner? Does all appear to be what it appears to be? If one has no reason to suspect otherwise, than it is what it is 98% of the time. But h...
I made an offer on a large piece of property that belonged to a single owner under a LLC. An in-house person was assigned to be my point of contact who happened also to be a Real Estate Broker. I always like dealing with agents and I will explain why in my next paragraph. The offer was generous w...
The only thing President Obama can do now a days is to talk about Trump and not just here but all over the world as he goes on his final grand tour on Air Force One. Everywhere he goes and with all that he meets, they all want to know about the next President i.e. President Donald Trump intereste...
While cliche in its presentation, attitude of gratitude is most accurate for stating the obvious i.e. who isn't glad to be here; here being alive & being able to participate in life's many non-stop come what may? If you stop to think about it or if you just pause or even lend a ponder, the human ...
Why wasn't what we are all reading about that needs to get done progressed? What is all this? What you are about to see unveiled, in a transparent form, easy to follow format is a list of many changes all overdue & quite doable that the American public has been holding their breath on, praying fo...
Problem solver: If this is who you are, then you will be busy for the rest of your life. Why? Life is designed so that it presents itself in such a way that for now, we participate by dealing with it as  challenges. We also have the ability to change, direct and mitigate as well as refine, forge ...
This is what I think of when it comes to our freedoms like voting, religion, free speech and travel. Next time you eat a burger & fries or go to the movies or perhaps BBQ with friends and neighbors, consider it is no accident that you can do this but instead, hard fought and won. Now, to keep it ...

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