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Have you not heard it said that there are so many things money cannot buy. The title of this post offers two of them. At first glance, it appears that money can buy some satisfaction and contentment. However, I am speaking of having these two dynamics within the heart, where it will not decay, be...
In California when checking the leader-board, there is nothing but millionaires in the top category. You must realize that those points were earned not found or bought making Californian ActiveRainers one of the most competitive online. These people don't sleep, take prisoners or waste a moment. ...
I find it interesting after having lived a few decades and Real Estate cycles of different types and purposes that the places of my youth that I worked hard to purchase as a home to live in and raise my family at that time are now worth $1,000,000.00. Why? My first home cost $60,000 and my second...
History is replete with an abundance on the subject of dictatorship and more importantly the final outcome of having/being one. YOU DIE! Why? It is not sustainable but appears to be which is what creates the guile and ultimately forms the beliefs of the dictator himself. As dictators go, you are ...
There is a rule in business that stands out quite well when an employer hires employees and pays them a certain amount of money. If the amount being offered is not flexible, the business is saying that it will pay that amount only and can afford to if it gets what it wants. There are some employe...
Only in America can you get rich in about a million ways that are planned and a few million that are not planned but just for being here, you may just stumble into a wealth situation. Amazing is it not? We are known throughout the world for settling our affairs via litigation. We sue each other n...
If everyone dealt correctly with their own reality, there would not be any denial or avoidance issues. Instead, there would be a steady evolving and improving over your own personal stock as a human being. We the person (s) control our own growth or lack of it. Imagine a world where truth is on p...
I do free consultations. My motives are clear and transparent when I do so. I like helping people and at the same time, letting them sample my wares. There is nothing to compare with like a free sample. No risk and it is a quick and immediate way to break the ice and establish rapport or at minim...
Here we are in the largest transaction business called Real Estate. It is not a business that is done in the shadows, put on hold or where you get second or third chances until you get it right. First impressions count and hitting the ground running is the default runway for this business for all...
There is no end to all the Real Estate courses, hype and allures that are being offered that one can take that promise wealth, happiness, listings, fast track success, edge over others, new territories, credentials, tools, new applications and my personal favorite and yours.... THE SECRETS OF REA...

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