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Its the old classic behavior that shows up here and there because of human failure and weakness. Doctors complain that patients don't listen and interfere yet patients want help. Attorneys tell you to keep your mouth shut yet clients cause their own self-inflicted misery 90% of the time. Real Est...
One of my favorite subjects and who hasn't been on one side or the other of this subject? For that matter, try to define it as in explaining it to someone who has not heard of it before. You see it has a purpose for both parties and if engaged correctly promotes well-being, repeat business and sa...
The title is the question and this post is the answer. How anything works is up to the person (s) who work it! It is as simple as that. Walk into any business, inquire about any service and or product and you will find the concept or systems in place that help it all along but are powered by PEOP...
NO! What a fascinating and powerful set of two letters if there ever was one. NO! It can be said in jest, can be taken literally and at all times is very communicative as a clear response. It doesn't need to be emphasized but it is a word that is used to do just that. People add or take away from...
I was driving through another part of town, one street after another with older homes (50-100 years old) and one thing stood out over everything else. The Front Porches! They all had them! Different designs and approaches too. Some went lateral and others went for depth and all were covered too. ...
Everyone everywhere is an opportunist meaning that people are always looking for prosperity, breaks, good situations to invest or grow in and they should. America's economic base is built on making money, acquiring goods and services toward having a more quality of life as each one believes. That...
I am reminded of the fable of the Emperors new clothes. Paraphrasing the story, the King believes what he is told about clothes of such magnificence that they remain invisible and because he is feared by everyone, no one says anything to him when parades around naked showing off his "clothes". Th...
A couple of years ago, I was talking to a anesthesiologist you know the doctor who puts you to sleep before a surgery. I asked him if the drug he administers that causes instant sleep state of  unconsciousness can be considered an actual sleep inducing rest? He responded NO... it can not and that...

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