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How in the world can a third party (Equifax) gain access and is given permission over personal information that consumers released because they had to. At no time did a consumer agree to release the data to others. Some deal was struck between this company and the government. This is the injuryTH...
America the beautiful; I didn't always know this but the day it came to me changed my life for the good. How? I joined the bigger picture and became involved in something so grand and cherished that I counted it my good fortune from that day on. How and why we come to this reality is different fo...
Hesitation and doubt plague mankind non-stop causing many to go without while knowing that they have leakage of life i.e. they are being momentarily robbed and at the minimum suffer random losses. Think: a hole in your pocket where your valuables slip through. Discovered after the fact is a wake-...
The best training in the world as well as teaching and learning is still done by demonstration. For the one wanting to get experience and guidance, watching, listening, and then doing remains a solid starting point for anyone. Sure, it is awkward, full of trial and error and failure but not for l...
It is a paradox that visits with us more often than not. We are invited to do or say something & because we want it to go a certain way, we put extra effort & application into it. If overdone, we may thwart the outcome that wanted to land gently & without assistance or interference. If underdone ...

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