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The idea of less is more demands respect. Often we add or take-away from what is and the result makes us buy prematurely into the situation by compensating either over or under resulting in making the action at hand our personal endeavor while in fact, it should just be another situation to solve...
Everything on this planet needs a place to lay its head. I was looking at some birds nests and was just amazed at how they size up a location and then gather the different materials assembling it all with no hands and when done, have a nice little home for the effort. I always take note of how lo...
They are out there. People who complicate and why they do is worthy of a study. It is wise to approach this subject when you don't have to however, it also teaches well when it is layed on a person and they have rise to it or be run over by it. The keep it simple people wonder about these lost in...
When I was growing up, I never understood anything about government or how it was run. My world extended to going to school so I could go home and then do what I really wanted. I also came to hate homework which infringed on "free" time. Years later, I was asked whether I was a republican or demo...
It is important this subject I am about to bring up in regards to saving data that in some cases took years to accumulate. The thing about this lesson is it joins those other life lessons that unfortunately you learn after the burn or the fact. It is not only costly but injures one and their well...
There was a time when someone finished with something and then threw it out. Out of sight, out of mind kicked in and no one gave it a second thought. No one? Actually there were many shrewd, underhanded (?) and some say resourceful people who got creative and did something for decades no one thou...
In Real Estate, there are so many avenues and paths of learning/risking and not just about Real Estate itself but all that is connected to it especially the people factor. Getting upfront, close and personal with your like kind and thinkers when they are handling large transactions with big sums ...
MEEK: Showing patience and humility with gentleness and approachability. When in action, MEEKNESS exposes the true character of the practitioner because it is tested under long-suffering for righteous causes, stands and movements. The calling card or introduction to it is simplicity an action wit...
If there was to be something, anything that speaks ill against a person or business it would be that they leave whatever they have begun UNDONE! A task that has not been completed haunts the one who began but did not complete. It speaks in its own language and everyone understands it too. It poin...
It's a lifestyle and when lived, speaks for itself. Often we hear about keeping things simple, imagining our world in that state and then we go back to the rigid routines that say otherwise. The true freedom comes from a type of simplicity that has its own legs i.e. moves with its own purpose in ...

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