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This time of year is when the want, misery and lack in others makes itself known being more keenly felt and for a special reason too. It is a reminder of all the general principals at work that we tend to forget for one reason or another. We are all going through life together. We all want the sa...
Our minds are active and busy making us believe that we have to come and go at its beck and call and some people get either comfortable or hypnotized (or both) by it to the point where they just react to every thought leaving out a very important part of human nature called reason. In order to re...
It is amazing this subject as to how many people DO NOT KNOW how to do so. Pro-activity escapes them and they handle this subject in a reaction mode also known as living paycheck to paycheck at some point. I blame no one because unless this dynamic is taught or your common sense picks it up, you ...
I was inspecting a piece of property with another person one day. It was routine and I was in cruise control mode. The person I was with was a co-worker and we were glad to be out of the office. We arrive at the subject property and the tenant comes out to greet us who we both knew. He is not wal...
This time of year people tend to bake more than usual. Me, I do it all year as it suits me. I also like to do it a certain way that leans toward being more healthy and for selfish reasons too. You see I like good food and desserts. I treat them as rewards. I already know I will have seconds so I ...
The life journey is made up of all the little things that take place in the moment that move at a rate faster than one can follow and continue steadily adding up as we try to keep track it all by the minute, hour & then day even unto weeks, months, years & lifetime. It is very hard to keep track ...
In a normal Real Estate market, the seller goes high and the buyer goes low and eventually we all meet somewhere mutually satisfying. If agents are involved, it goes a little smoother as well as more predictable allowing efforts to be spent where needed elsewhere. There are no learning curves whe...
If you want to see what all the hoopla is about in regards to power, wealth and fame just watch and observe those that have it and don't doubt what you see. It appears as a cure-all or a worthy pursuit to have one or all of these but those that have tasted of any of them report otherwise. It is a...
When anyone who is selling or serving the public for gain there is at all times an expectation of making or giving a precise specified result by the sender. The public or receiver is tuned into that expectation as well and what follows is the coming together of the two which will produce hopefull...

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