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Happy new Year is making the rounds and I want to emphasize that other little word associated with Happy New Year that we hear about every year but don't spend enough quality time or emphasis on it i.e. the word HAPPY. Without the word happy...just saying New Year New Year to each other doesn't q...
Let's slow down for the next few days through Christmas day (& beyond) starting right now. WHY? We are not trying to get through Christmas but to celebrate it. It comes but once a year & we wait patiently for it. Prior to its making a grand entrance, mankind has been kind enough to do the followi...
You see there are life-forms, countless ones who we no nothing about as well as the known ones... like Angels, Cherubim, and Seraphim who celebrate the presence of Christ eternally without interruption. They are the blessed and HE is their reward. The joy is unspeakable and never ending from ever...
You never know what the day might bring except to get-up every morning and be ready to meet and greet it. Be careful not to fall into complacency or routine. Why? Be aware of the obvious i.e. no two days are alike making you sit-up and at the least show the principle some respect. Then, your day ...
When we were kids, at some certain age, the I CAN'T WAIT manifested itself to us. It came when it comes perhaps hurried along by parents, other kids or our very own desires and likes stirring and making themselves known. It is not limited to anyone one thing this I CAN'T WAIT event. NO. It crosse...
We naturally become accustomed to a routine and assume that it will maintain itself and we will join it time after time. We have good reason to believe this but if you stop & look at this objectively, you will see that there is no guarantee made to the person but instead opportunities that repeat...
When I was first introduced to the concept or idea of GOD, I instantly accepted that there wasn't anything GOD couldn't do. I would dream something up and successfully conclude that HE could do that and more. This went on nearly all my life until one day, I discovered something the ALMIGHTY revea...
Stop to consider Morale. What is it ? It is made up of so many other dynamics that help form it into a force called morale. Confidence, enthusiasm, security, discipline and comfort and so much more contribute to its manifestation. Just reverse this and take those dynamics away to make the point c...

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