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Real Estate when spoken of and even practiced in the public eye remains in two categories i.e. buying and selling. However it is much more than that. There are many categories and sub-categories that come under the main heading we call Real Estate. Hard-money lending and property evictions are ou...
I used to rent space to Christmas tree sellers every year. Why not? It bought people to my property management office, it looked good and they paid me rent too. I used to even record special Christmas music tapes and play them on loud speakers all day long and let the spirit of Christmas do all t...
I read a very meaningful story book one day that I never forgot. It was about a caterpillar who was traveling down the road and met other caterpillars doing the same. Then one of them became fast friends with each other and joined up. Both shared they had heard stories of good fortune, wealth and...
Everyone should be able to relate with the title of this posting if you have lived for any length of time in a maturity stage. Where does it say or is represented to anyone on this earth that they will live a problem-free life and remain in an idyllic stage? Even trying to do this leads to other ...

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